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Seems fair. I think we have the talent to perhaps exceed that a little, but we’re also working in a lot of new players. Could easily take some time to build chemistry and figure out roles.


Lmao. Illinois how

Michigan basketball: Five story lines to watch

I could be misreading things, but something seems different about this Michigan team. They seem closer, hungrier, more aggressive and with something to prove. I think the depth and competition for minutes will push them all to play harder and to get better throughout the season.

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I’m going on record as saying Anthony Gaines is going to be a huge problem and make northwestern that much tougher.

I also loved Kopp this year for them. I’m not as high on nance but I really like the idea of Gaines and Kopp on the wings out there for the next four years from their perspective. As a Michigan fan though Well it’s frightening. Those were two underrated prospects to me.

Love MSU’s transition game, love Jaren Jackson, love Cassius Winston.

Question is what MSU’s offense looks like in the halfcourt against a team that can take away the transition.

Winston made a risky cross-court pass without really looking to see if Langford was open. If the defender anticipates the pass and steps up into the passing lane instead of back-peddling, he either picks off the pass or forces a Winston travel.

More on MSU… Jackson is a defensive monster. He eliminated Aminu from this game (a guy Michigan could struggle to contain) and his combination or length and improved strength is really tough at the four. 4 blocks and 2 steals and easily a few more deflections. He’s just scratching the surface too.

Watched the second half only. State looked ultra sloppy.

Just finished the first half… Obviously turnovers are an issue for MSU (and have been fairly often under Izzo). Can they cut down on those giveaways? Can they hit perimeter shots? Those are the fair questions…

I just think that Jaren Jackson changes a lot for them and is going to be special.

Listening to the announcers meat riding Izzo was pretty gross. Paraphrase: “if you are a good basketball player in the state of Michigan then there is really only one school to commit to.” Yeah right…

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Jackson is something else for sure… think the chink in State’s armor is decision making…

A glance at the MSU score sheet has some interesting numbers:
3 pt shooting – MSU 3/12, NFl 11/29 - advantage NFl
TOs and ORbs almost cancel each other out.

How did MSU win?
(a) 2 pt shooting – Ospreys shot 12-37 on 2s - 32%, while MSU shot 32/49 on 2s, 65%
(b) FT advantage – MSU +16

A lot of transition against a physically overmatched opponent. Doesn’t mean MSU doesn’t or won’t have other stuff in the arsenal, but that’s a much tougher recipe for winning against good B1G teams.

My concerns for them would be:
(1) Losing the 3 pt battle often and/or decisively. Schilling, Ward, Nairn can’t shoot. McQuaid is streaky and if he’s on the floor then they lose some of the other advantages. Will Jackson, Bridges, and Langford be able to shoot 3s? Will Ward, Jackson, and Bridges be able to stop other teams from shooting 3s?
(2) TOs
(3) Offense besides transition.

They do have a ton of potential and if they can address those three issues even pretty well, watch out. That lineup of Bridges, Ward, Jackson, Langford, and Winston has a chance to be really good. That game against Duke will be interesting, but I’m also very curious about their game 11/30 against ND.

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One thing to note here from the UNF preview… This is what UNF does. Great at maximizing 3PA and minimizing opponent 3PA.

Hit on it in here:

Absolutely, but it’s also a fairly common strategy in college hoops. And if NFl can do it, then perhaps other teams will too. That’s why I’m intrigued by the ND game. They generally shoot a bunch of 3s, have good offensive sets, etc. It might be a better indication of what MSU will look like against Michigan, Wiscy, etc., than Duke.

Shooting is the question mark for MSU but at the same time, Winston was 38%, Bridges was 39% and Langford was 41% from three all at over 2.0 attempts per game last season. That’s a decent enough sample size to assume those three can shoot. And Jackson apparently had the green light from Izzo cuz he got a quick 3FG attempt up last night too. Turnovers will always be an issue but Winstons passing ability could be special enough that you have to live with that. I thought the biggest thing holding them back would have been Izzo’s affinity for playing experience over talent but man that five man lineup looks special to me

Yup, if Izzo plays Winston, Langford, Bridges, and Jackson as much as he should and they can generate and hit 3s – and there are certainly reasons to like their chances – that will go a long way for them.

They just have to hope none of their wings ever get in foul trouble lol, the bench there is brutal.