Big Ten Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

PSU may not want to count on the Braden Shrewsberry commitment

Also, I’m not sure what a team whose best player is Seth Lundy (no offense to him, I like him) looks like next year

He’d need to win the portal again

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It’s a weird situation. Neither side can know for sure if it will work out long-term. He’s been a head coach two years and is 37-31. Very good season this year based on their historical norms, but was it a one-off due to having a crazy amount of experience? Staying at PSU is a risk for him, and locking him up long-term possibly could backfire on PSU, too.


If Shrewsberry leaves Lundy will become the top player in the portal


In the Boutros rankings?

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Yes. many would agree though

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I would say from the PSU side: You have more than enough data to trust Shrewsberry. Obviously next year won’t be this year, but he’s doing the right things, makes smart basketball decisions, has won games.

From the Micah side, you probably realize there’s a real limit to what you can accomplish at PSU.


Wisconsin down 1 with 1:44 left. Big Ten basketball season could be over by end of day yeesh

in sha llah


Wisconsin is gonna win :frowning:

Well, PSU doesn’t have a lot to choose from so I can see why you say that. On the other hand, they were probably out of the tournament with a couple weeks to go and then their team of 24 year olds did the opposite of Michigan and played their way in.

I guess what I am saying is that with a couple weeks left it wasn’t clear how valuable he was because he was about .500, hadn’t made the dance, and was relying on transfers and old guys. Once they made their run, I totally support backing up a truck of cash for him.

I still wonder how sustainable his success will be, but can’t argue with how they closed this season.

I don’t really understand this whole thing of knocking teams that have transfers. He made a good team. Coached it well.

You have to evaluate him as a coach based on more than his roster. How about his scheme? How about how far he made it without a big man? How about how those transfers he got fit into roles?

You aren’t going to build good teams at PSU without transfers.


Not really knocking him (stones in glass houses and all). I think the question would be whether he can sustain success without ancient players like Dredd and Lundy and Pickett. Or if he can keep finding ancient players.

My point was that everyone was talking about how PSU should have extended him a long time ago and I was just saying that they were out of the dance late in the year and his claim to fame would have been knowing Brad Stevens. Then they tore off a bunch of wins and earned him every dollar he’s going to get paid.


He’s just so clearly a very smart coach with a smart offensive system that fits his personnel, that he for the most part recruited.

It’s not about the record or the resume or anything like that as much as watching his process.

I don’t think the secret to their success is age.


Really? I respect him, like how he maximized the pieces he had, and love how they closed. But I think age clearly helped them down the stretch. The real secret was that Pickett (a senior PG) was incredible and controlled the game while throwing it to four shooters or posting up. Put a younger PG on that team.

I think there is a pretty strong correlation to age and success.


Obviously if you take Pickett off the team, they aren’t as good. He’s the best PG in the country.

Micah also found him out of the portal and turned him into that. He also went out and got pieces that fit around him.

He also plays in a way that maximizes Pickett’s ability.

Of course age matters, just like anything else, but if you watch what he’s done with that roster and how they play it is impressive. They are absolutely scheme optimized.


They should go all in for Taran Armstrong and put him in the Pickett role

nobody else is built like Pickett to fill that role precisely. he is 75% buttcheeks


He also did a pretty good job of getting some Chambers’ guys to stay/come back. Says a lot to me.

To be fair, the question on Shrewsberry is just if he has the edge to be a high-major head coach and everything that comes with it. At a big boy program, not Penn State.

That’s the risk with any relatively inexperienced coach though.

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I’m not sure if Edey will get drafted. He’s more mobile than Hunter but not by much though. Slow feet bigs does not have a spot on the roster in today’s NBA. Luka was awesome in college but is a turnstile on defense. He’s basically the back end of the bench or G-League.

Didn’t Luka graduate from Iowa? He played there for 4 years so he used up his eligibilty.