Big Ten Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

Time for a new thread.


Good starting point with projected lineups:

Indiana: G Xavier Johnson, G Tamar Bates OR G Jalen Hood-Schifino, G Miller Kopp OR F Jordan Geronimo, F Race Thompson, F Trayce Jackson-Davis

Michigan: G Jaelin Llewellyn, G Kobe Bufkin, G Jett Howard, F Terrance Williams II, F Hunter Dickinson

Michigan State: G Tyson Walker, G A.J. Hoggard, G Jaden Akins, F Malik Hall, F Joey Hauser OR C Mady Sissoko

Illinois: G Skyy Clark, G Terrence Shannon Jr., G RJ Melendez OR G Luke Goode, F Matthew Mayer, F Coleman Hawkins OR F Dain Dainja

Wisconsin: G Chucky Hepburn, G Max Klesmit, G Jahcobi Neath, F Tyler Wahl, C Steven Crowl

Purdue: G Fletcher Loyer, G Brandon Newman, G Ethan Morton OR G/F Mason Gillis, F Caleb Furst, C Zach Edey

Ohio State: G Isaac Likekele, G Sean McNeil, G Justice Sueing, F Tanner Holden, F Zed Key

Iowa: G Tony Perkins, G Payton Sandfort, G Patrick McCaffery, F Kris Murray, C Filip Rebraca

Rutgers: G Paul Mulcahy, G Caleb McConnell, G Mawot Mag, F Aundre Hyatt OR F Dean Reiber, C Cliff Omoruyi

Northwestern: G Boo Buie, G Chase Audige, G Ty Berry, G Casey Simmons, F Robbie Beran

Penn State: G Camren Wynter, G Jalen Pickett, G Seth Lundy, G Myles Dread or G Andrew Funk, F Mikey Henn OR F Kebba Njie

Maryland: G Jahmir Young, G Donald Carey, G Hakim Hart, G Donta Scott, F Julian Reese

Minnesota: G Ta’lon Cooper, G Taurus Samuels, F Jamison Battle, F Dawson Garcia, F Isaiah Ihnen

Nebraska: G Emmanuel Bandoumel, G C.J. Wilcher, F Sam Griesel, F Juwan Gary, F Derrick Walker


Initial impression: OSU’s starting lineup will be OLD. Sueing is a 5th year, Likekele is a 5th year, Holden is a senior, Key is a junior, McNeil is a 5th year (when you include juco).


Purdue just added David Jenkins, so I imagine he will be in the mix for a starting spot (I think that article was posted before Jenkins committed).

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Wow…a lot of names I don’t know and hard for me even to pick out a 2nd team all-conference from that list. Oddly, for all the concern I’d have with MSU’s roster they at least have names I’ve heard of from past experience. Surprised Donta Scott is still at Maryland…feels like he’s been there forever. Then there’s the Buie/Audige back court still going strong at Northwestern…


Jenkins feels like an off the bench shooter to me more than a starter. I imagine that Morton starts at PG, I suppose? I would be pretty surprised if Morton and Gillis didn’t both start. Something like: Morton/Newman/Gillis/Furst/Edey


Oh, you know, your run-of-the-mill 6’6", 210 lb point guard. :sweat_smile:


Illinois is going to be wild to watch. They’ll look nothing like the team we’ve seen the last few years. Freshman PG who is still recovering from an ACL injury last summer. Two high major transfers. A guy like Coleman Hawkins out there instead of Kofi. No clue what they are going to look like when they are hoisting the Big Ten trophy at the end of the year.


Difficult to forecast a potential top 15 team out of that list of returnees.


Rutgers is the dark horse, I have no idea why they are being slept on. They return 3 starters in Mulcahy, McConnell, and Omoruyi. They have one of the best coaches in the conference, they are located in New Jersey. Automatic B1G contenders imo not even kidding.

And how long have Boo Buie and Audige been at Northwestern? How many times have they been held back?


I like Indiana better if they go Johnson/Bates/Hood-Shifino at the 1/2/3. I think that’s where they’ll end up.

I feel very confident Kohler will start at center. Also confident they’ll start Hall at the 3, Hauser at the 4, Akins off the bench.

I like both of these groups a lot more than all the other middle of the pack teams (OSU/Wisconsin/Purdue/MSU)


How do you compare Bates/JHS to Bufkin/Jett? Do you ding IU for being unproven there? It’s almost an identical situation.


At those two spots yes, but they’re more proven everywhere else (PG and the 4). And I guess they have backup plans on the wing in Kopp/Geronimo that Michigan doesn’t. Baker would be our Kopp prob? I just think Geronimo stinks :rofl:

Indiana reminds me of Michigan last year. “AA candidate” in the frontcourt, PG you “trust”, 2 five star recruits, one you expect big minutes from and one you love the talent of but don’t know where he fits. They’re missing an Eli type at the 2 but everything else maps. I’d suspect they underwhelm relative to preseason ranking but are still a top team in the B1G.


Trusting Xavier Johnson is a choice :rofl: He’s going to be one of the “better” players in the league but I don’t think anyone anywhere will “trust” him in any situation (on or off court).


It feels so gross. Who do you think is the best point guard in the league for next season? I end up saying Xavier Johnson by default every time even though it’s horrifying to say out loud


I’m not really crazy about either guy but maybe. I would agree that Baker would be basically equivalent to a Kopp type.

I assume Trey Galloway will play a ton off minutes for IU. Sort of an empty calories guy though.

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I don’t love him either, but there’s like a 50% chance he’s All B10 1st team, lol

I think it’s far more likely that there are multiple guards in the league who haven’t been as good as Xavier Johnson but go on to pass Xavier Johnson this year.


Would you be willing to name them? Cuz that likely means you have to publicly endorse AJ Hoggard, Chucky Hepburn or Tony Perkins :rofl:

I just think if you look at the list of point guards in the league with people like Buie, Pickett, Walker, Hepburn, Llewellyn, Hoggard, Perkins, etc.

I’m not sure any of those teams would trade their PG for Xavier Johnson. Hepburn is a pretty clearcut breakout guy if I had an imaginary model (i.e. heavy minutes on a good team with low usage transforms to heavy minutes, heavy usage).

Xavier Johnson isn’t bad, but I just think it’s more likely that people pass him in the guard pecking order than he turns into a bonafide AB10 First Team guy.