Big Ten Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

I do wonder what the over/under is on Michigan loss to Barnes transfer announcement is. I’ll put it at 72 hours

And if we don’t lose again?

I could totally see it.


Youg, Maryland’s leading scorer, could give Maryland a big boost by coming back for a super-senior year. I know he’s been receiving a lot of interest from agents and from other schools, who aren’t supposed to contact players who aren’t in the portal, but they do. My gut feeling on Young remains that he’ll decide to begin chasing his pro basketball dreams, and I don’t think you’ll see Willard beg him to return. But there is a sliver of a chance he could come back if the NIL situation is right, Willard feels like it’s beneficial to the program and the incoming class, and Young decides he wants to do another year of college basketball. That’s a lot of ifs.


I think it’s unlikely that Donta Scott or Hakim Hart will return for an extra season. Both have given a lot to the program and stuck with it through he trying times created by Mark Turgeon’s unexpected exit last season, and that should be appreciated by all. But Willard could simply decide it’s time for a fresh start and perhaps an athleticism upgrade at those spots. Hart seems like the more viable extra-year candidate, because he could help the team as a valuable complementary piece – he’s a good passer and attempted about two-thirds as many shots as Scott --rather than requiring the ball and potentially limiting the opportunities of the new player.

But my gut feeling is none of those three will return.

… also:

Laughed out loud at that one. NIL CTAs right in the articles!

That’s also funny cause BQ posted something yesterday that was like “they could all come back!”

Not his fault or anything and it was just from vague player quotes but it just makes me chuckle when program insiders throw cold water on things

Dylan, will you be linking to UM’s one more year initiative in all your articles from here on out until Hunter, Jett, and Kobe make decisions? :rofl:


Does Maryland have nots if new blood incoming? Wondering if Willard would welcome a return of Jahmir Young seems odd

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It’s really the same answer isn’t it? It’s just that one he gave was upfront and honest and the one you offered is coach speech.

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Which schools DO have the big NIL money? Every article I read always says School X doesn’t have the NIL money that other schools do, but “other schools” are always nameless.

Miami, obviously, is one. Who else is breaking the bank to bring in transfers?

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Getting an outbid by a big east school would be embarrassing given the tv money the b1g is going get.

Texas and Arkansas stick out. Bama too. TTU very clearly did it for Fardaws but idk if that was like a huge amount or no one else wanted to offer him money

There is some marketing value in crying poor

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Well, the problem with the TV money is that it isn’t supposed to be for NIL. So at a school willing to break rules you could just funnel it thru some channels to get it to a collective. I am guessing most B10 schools are keeping that for themselves and letting donors fund the collectives.

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He’s talking about Penn State and Micah.

If I were shrewsberry I think I’d be asking for lots of things that weren’t payroll given the schools historical investment in the program

The cost of him may be higher than just his salary is what I’m saying

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Yeah, I don’t agree with the post. Just saying that it wasn’t about NIL.

If I were Micah, I’d be leaving.

I do sort of giggle at the idea that they’re offering an extension NOW

Really living “day late/dollar short”

Many jobs are better but just pointing out money should not be an excuse for psu not to keep him. I know it wouldn’t be in the sec and that the bottom tier sec schools would fight like crazy to keep him. I am doubtful psu will though.

“Turtle NIL” is a very dynamic name for a NIL program.


It’s not going to be because of money. PSU is swimming in money like most schools with big time football programs. It’s going to be if he’s willing to wait around while facilities are upgraded and they invest in the bball program. The benefits of that won’t be overnight. They can extend him and pay him the market rate but they can also never meet the tradition and history and built in advantages of some of the programs that will be vying for him.

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