Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

Nebraska v Creighton. I’m definitely a Nebraskaphile. Catch a few minutes of the freshman averaging 25 a game or whatever it is

Nembhard going wild

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I keep wishing for it to not be the case, but Nebraska is Nebraska once again this year.


Hey Bryce the portal is open next summer :slight_smile:

Hoiberg coached well before in his career, right?

Only seen a few possessions but kind of shocked at how bad the spacing looks on some of these possessions. I think these bigs might be real bad. Thought I wouldn’t like McGowens given how much they’re losing by but he’s made a number of smart cuts on O plus some legit finishes.

Hoiberg is trying to take some heat off of Frost by putting forth a poor basketball product. That’s the kind of teamwork that athletic directors across America are looking for.


Zach Edey is going to be a problem for the Big Ten. Just too big to stop down low and he single handedly shuts down opposing offense in the paint.


C’mon Dylan! Nebraska?! They have a guy playing center right now that looks like he has more than one year of experience as a clerk at a video store. :joy:

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This nebraska run has been crazy!!

Rutgers losing to NJIT at halftime. What self-respecting Big Ten team would ever lose at home to NJIT? :flushed:


Rutgers is so bad right now and I don’t see how it’s fixable given the personnel.

Verge needs to stay on the bench for Neb

What are the issues, I havent watched. Just no offense?

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the Creighton center is muy grande

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Trey McGowans injured with crutches and a boot, hasn’t played the second half. That’s awful news.

he is repeating “I’m good” to teammates fwiw.

They play like a very poorly coached team. Way too much isoball considering nobody on the roster can break anyone down. Bad shooting, which is a given. Horrid shot selection not helping. Defensive closeouts not under control leading to open looks for opponents.

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Rutgers up 9 now

Took longer than I’d like to admit to realize you were talking about basketball scoring and not offending him

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