Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

I’ll take a one point Wisco win so my bet wins

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I’ve only had this Wiscy game on 10 minutes and already hit Raftery bingo.

Got lucky having ‘nickel-dimer’ in the center square!

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Basically a free square

Loving the Davison pull up threes

Davison’s half reminded me of a high school jv player, whom, upon hitting his first couple of 3’s, just starts jacking up everything in sight, when hitting 3’s at a high rate is nowhere near sustainable. But then again, looking at this Wisconsin team, they may have no other choice to score points. Woof.

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smh I turn this game on and Wisconsin goes on a run

I like that that terrible Wake Forest transfer Wisconsin took doesn’t even get minutes with Johnny Davis out

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Imagine taking a Wake Forest transfer… I can’t imagine any of them turn out to be any good :wink:


Sometimes I can’t believe Brad Davison is a real person. He seems like a hidden camera prank show character


But Brian snow told me cooley was a great x and o coach


Time for some Trohl Center magic

Great night for the B1G.


Big Ten eating dog. We just need to win our game tonight and it’ll be the perfect start.

I think it was Voltaire who said “If Brad Davison did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”


Yes, Voltaire it certainly might have been. OR, it could have been Blaise Pascal who said, “The heart has reasons that reason will never know.” It’s impossible for a reasonable person to understand Brad Davison, but he does have heart. Unfortunately sometimes it’s a black heart! :wink:


Or, as Brad’s opponents have stated:


Previous 3 posts absolutely fantastic

OHHH, that was a shot to the balls! :woozy_face:

I just rewatched a cut of the Illinois game and it is nigh unbelievable that they lost. The sheer volume of own goals required to give that game away is like nothing I’ve seen in this young season.

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