Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

From Illinois Loyalty:

“One of the stupidest games of ball I’ve seen in a long time for both players and coaches. Wow.”

And THIS is one of the most intelligent posts I’ve ever seen from an Illinois Basketball fan! :rofl:

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I just figured why Goodman dislikes JH. He wanted to see Cooley get the job.:joy:

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Not to overreact, but I’m going to take this opportunity to reiterate my belief that it’ll be Michigan and Purdue battling for the Big Ten title this year with a non-Illinois team at #3.

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Davison still just as annoying

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I can’t believe Curbelo was that bad. Hysterically laughing levels of bad. Unreal


Providence mascot is the Fightin’ Ed Cooleys


I see 26 turnovers for Illinois? in 77 possessions? wow!!

Agree! Belo, as they call him in Illinois, was a hot mess!

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check out this hepcat Ernie droppin lingo


I was reading Dylan’s tweet! :wink: :grin:

Ed Cooley’s coaching resume on kenpom is pretty fascinating. I don’t think I count my blessings enough that we didn’t end up having to watch the kind of basketball that he coaches.

Look at that! A single year at Providence where he was in the top half of all D1 programs in eFG%! Consistently below 250th! How?

What is his offense meant to accomplish, hypothetically?

To stay ready for when the three point line is removed from the sport


Serious answer? To simplify it to its core, it’s way more oriented towards off ball cut/screen actions than most offenses used nowadays. Like it’s a super common middle/high school base set, at least for teams in our league growing up. Obviously the version used in college will have far more kinks that people who actually know hoops can explain better.


I wasn’t able to watch either game so far tonight, incredibly sad I missed Illinois losing and just a putrid box score from Curbelo. I know they’ll be better with Kofi back, and that’ll make Curbelo better, but now more than ever I feel vindicated in my feeling that Illinois was way too hyped (including by a lot of users on this site) all off-season, and that they’re a clear step behind Michigan/Purdue. Curbelo will be better with Kofi, but he’s still a ticking time bomb with the ball in his hands and can’t shoot worth a lick. They’ll beat some really good teams, lose to some bad teams, and finish with 11/12 B1G wins.

Also disappointed that OSU looked good apparently, but BGSU is awful this year, 1-2 already (0-2 vs D1 with a loss to Torvik #343 Western Carolina) and look terrible with no Justin Turner.

Now lets see Wisconsin win this. A loss would be funny, but the B1G needs some wins in the Gavitt games.

counterpoint: no


I see the argument and am tempted by it, but I got my spite oriented Big Ten loss already today. I can take 1/2 in exchange for a better conference strength.


When I watch Illinois I want to see them lose. When I watch Wisconsin I just want to see Davison do stupid stuff.

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Heard Gilmore yell “Make It Rain!” on that sweet backboard breaker from three.

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“The little guy with the big time ticker.” Raftery is so iconic. Missed that stuff