Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

Yes, Voltaire it certainly might have been. OR, it could have been Blaise Pascal who said, “The heart has reasons that reason will never know.” It’s impossible for a reasonable person to understand Brad Davison, but he does have heart. Unfortunately sometimes it’s a black heart! :wink:


Or, as Brad’s opponents have stated:


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OHHH, that was a shot to the balls! :woozy_face:

I just rewatched a cut of the Illinois game and it is nigh unbelievable that they lost. The sheer volume of own goals required to give that game away is like nothing I’ve seen in this young season.

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Nebraska v Creighton. I’m definitely a Nebraskaphile. Catch a few minutes of the freshman averaging 25 a game or whatever it is

Nembhard going wild

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I keep wishing for it to not be the case, but Nebraska is Nebraska once again this year.


Hey Bryce the portal is open next summer :slight_smile:

Hoiberg coached well before in his career, right?

Only seen a few possessions but kind of shocked at how bad the spacing looks on some of these possessions. I think these bigs might be real bad. Thought I wouldn’t like McGowens given how much they’re losing by but he’s made a number of smart cuts on O plus some legit finishes.

Hoiberg is trying to take some heat off of Frost by putting forth a poor basketball product. That’s the kind of teamwork that athletic directors across America are looking for.


Zach Edey is going to be a problem for the Big Ten. Just too big to stop down low and he single handedly shuts down opposing offense in the paint.


C’mon Dylan! Nebraska?! They have a guy playing center right now that looks like he has more than one year of experience as a clerk at a video store. :joy:

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This nebraska run has been crazy!!

Rutgers losing to NJIT at halftime. What self-respecting Big Ten team would ever lose at home to NJIT? :flushed:


Rutgers is so bad right now and I don’t see how it’s fixable given the personnel.

Verge needs to stay on the bench for Neb

What are the issues, I havent watched. Just no offense?

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