Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 2)

You seem to have been quite clear on that all along

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I think the way I would say it is this - Michigan can still be a good team if Jones is “just ok” because they have Eli and then three bullets in the chamber to fill the rest of the guard minutes. Eli isn’t a great option at PG and the other three are totally unproven…but it is pretty easy to see Michigan being just fine if Jones is a role playing 20mpg guy.

MSU feels like they need to hit on more lottery tickets because they don’t have Eli…unless you really believe Gabe Brown is going to make a leap as a senior. Walker has to be Mike Smith and probably even consume more usage. I think they have to fill 120 minutes with Walker, Akins, Christie, Brown, and Hoggard…maaaaybe Brooks. I think MSU hopes that looks like this:

PG - Walker (30mpg - up transfer); Akins (10mpg - true freshman)
SG - Brown (20mpg - never played that much); Akins (15mpg - true freshman)
SF - Christie (30mpg - true freshman); Brown (10mpg - never played that much)

4 guys for three spots…none of whom are a sure thing.

the thing with Brown is that he provides almost nothing off the dribble and has anemic (almost non existent) assist numbers. He fits better as a small ball 4 than a guard, except they have Hauser taking that role.

The returning of Eli allows Jones and the freshmen to ease in, that is a luxury that Michigan State doesn’t have. Walker, Akins and Christie have to take over the responsibility from day one, as I am with DL that it is not ideal to play Gabe Brown at 2.

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Yeah, I still think it is on one of Jones/Collins to be good enough to be a starting PG though. Just like MSU needs one of Walker/Akins to be good enough to be a starting PG.

At least as far as reaching a ceiling.

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Steph Curry part 2


Hoggard was really bad, but there are a lot of bad freshman who get better. Obviously it is really hard to imagine he will be better than mediocre next year, but you can imagine him reaching that level. But I think people are being a little dismissive.

I also think it’s fair to say Christie is basically a sure thing. It’s hard for me to imagine a player w/ his pedigree and his experiences w/ USA basketball won’t be at least a decent Big 10 starter.

Bigger picture, I think you are putting things well. Mich has the best player on the court and more options for fewer minutes. It would be shocking if Mich isn’t better than State next year. What a nice thing to say.


The fit makes too much sense

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Woodson kicked him off the team. He didn’t enter the portal. Lots of “Spring Creaning is back” commentary around the Hoosiersphere.


McKillop is a good coach, but methinks Loyer is a bridge too far.

Have you heard any justifications for the “kicked off the team” notion? Still seemed like a guy who had a lot of tools, but no idea what type of attitude he brought towards the game

Nothing specific as far as I know but he has a bad attitude reputation.

Didn’t make it a month as an Illinois commit.


illinois is easily the most up and down program in the conference

didn’t he just commit like two weeks ago?

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they’ve been mostly down though. This has been a 2 year blip so far

Storr was rated a little too highly. HCBU isn’t interested in top 200 recruits


More talking the underwood tenure, always something good followed by something bad or the reverse

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