Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 1)

That’s a good point. and a good example of why polls and their inertia are so bad.

Good thing is that polls don’t matter!


I just realized yesterday that Duke lost on Saturday night, giving them three straight losses. Normally that would be a huge deal in CBB circles but for their overall crappy season and the unfortunate situation at Michigan.

New Coaches Poll:

  • #4 Michigan (up 3)
  • #7 Iowa (down 3)
  • #13 Wisconsin (down 3)
  • #15 Ohio State (up 3)
  • #20 Minnesota (down 3)
  • #22 Illinois (up 2)
  • Honorable Mention: Purdue #36, MSU #39 (srsly?)

No way MSU should even be in the conversation at this point!

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#39 sounds right though.

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Houston was #215 on Kenpom when Kelvin Sampson took over. Now #6 and headed for a third straight conference title.

I’ve seen a lot of Indiana fans debating Archie vs. Crean lately but what if Sampson is really the one that got away?

Not that IU had much choice, just from the on-court perspective. He was 21-8 in the B1G in 2 seasons.


I tell you Nova has held # 3 all the time they were shut down. I expect M to be #4 until we get back in action. The only fair way.:wink:


Native American person with a fascinating story. . . and a few violations. Had great teams at OK, battling KS for several years. Watched them play a barn-burner in Allen Field House during that stretch. . . fantastic atmosphere.

That’s what happens when you violate. You could say the same thing when M terminated Steve Fischer.

Recruiting violations is why Sampson is no longer the coach at IU.

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I understand that. It’s an impossible hypothetical

I wonder how Purdue’s Stefanovic, who didn’t play against us on Friday due to his having Covid, didn’t pass on the virus to any teammates. I would think that if any other teammate got the virus, Purdue would be postponing games this week.

Great news for Michigan bb!

My feeling is that Purdue was confident Stefanovic was independently exposed to COVID-19 in between leaving the team after their OSU game and before their next time together as a team. They never said that directly but it is the only way they could have been confident there was no spread and why Michigan was comfortable with playing as well. Especially given that COVID-19 can take a few days to test positive after exposure.

I don’t think that’s possible. Per Painter, he was symptomatic the Wednesday morning after a Tuesday night game.Unless I am missing something, you don’t get exposed to the virus Tuesday night and show symptoms Wednesday morning.


Excited to see Izzo trot out an all big lineup at some point. He’s probably wishing he had 5 Ben Carters, but we can’t always get what we want.

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My guess is that it had more to do with how many people at Purdue may have already been infected.

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Oh I was unaware that you could not develop symptoms that quickly. Well, I guess both sides were confident in the negative PCR tests. Maybe I am naive but I trust the coaches and administrators that they telling the truth that is was extremely unlikely both teams would suffer COVID outbreaks from playing the game