Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 1)

Rutgers is fun to watch when they play with intensity. Harper seems to sleepwalk through games at times, but not today; he was great.

:rofl: at the big dude from Rutgers who never plays grabbing the ball and throwing down a 2-hander after the buzzer.

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The most Archie of Archie losses


Interesting postmortem on an IU board.

We look good against Wisconsin and Iowa because they don’t have blow-by guards. Young, Baker, and others were in the lane all game.

That sounds right on Iowa. Is Trice not a blow-by guard for Wisconsin?

How would you rate Michigan in the blow-by department?

Michigan doesn’t have blow by guards. They create leverage thru Dickinson, attacking closeouts caused by defensive scrambling in rotations. Also Wagner with long strides and his overall length causes big issues

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I dunno. The Professor sure blew by a few people the other night!

Trice only has 28 shots at the rim in 16 games, he’s not a blow by guard.

Is Geo Baker one?

Geo Baker is just a poor jump shooting Trice.

probably not Geo but Jacob Young for sure

Raftery is just fun. He loves the game, injects a little color, and is never boastful or “I’ll die on this hill!” about anything.


That’s a nice measuring stick, in general. Well said.


Just like Dakich

New AP Poll:

  • #4 Michigan (up 3)
  • #7 Iowa (down 3)
  • #13 OSU (up 2)
  • #14 Wisconsin (down 4)
  • #19 Illinois (up 3)
  • #21 Minnesota (down 4)
  • Honorable Mention: Purdue (#38), Toledo (#42)
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LOL! He doesn’t even need a hill. Can still make it happen on any flat surface and even on some small depressions.


How can Virginia Tech still be ranked AP Top 25? They are ranked 20 this week.

Kenpom ranks them 45.

Torvik ranks them 47.

Torvik Ranketology ranks them 43.

NET rankings ranks them 49.

Before their 60-78 loss at Syracuse on Saturday they were 28 in ESPN bracketology.

They have lost at Syracuse by 18, at Louisville by 2, and vs Penn State by 20.

They recently only beat a mediocre Wake Forest by 4.

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AP voters apparently are on about a 2-week lag from reality. Look how long it took them to stop putting MSU and Duke in their polls. (Granted…can’t figure out why VaTech would have any clout with random AP voters since they aren’t a basketball power-house.)

Poll inertia - they beat Villanova that the computers like less than pollsters which shot them into the rankings, and then they beat a Clemson team team when everyone thought they were very good. They also have 3 losses, but an 11-3 record is better than a lot of other P5 teams for the voters who care about record.

Also beat Duke when Duke was still ranked, which feeds into the poll inertia argument.

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