Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 1)

I figured that it makes sense to start a new thread looking ahead at the 2020-21 Big Ten season. Less noise to scroll through looking back at last year.

A more interesting list IMO

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Thought this was interesting:

Cockburn has been back on campus for over a month and he is expected to withdraw from the NBA Draft by Aug. 3.

Dosunmu is a different story, as he has been very transparent about his intentions to remain in the draft. That said, word around the Illini camp late last week was — as it has always been — that they plan to leave a spot open for Dosunmu until his decision is final. Thus, no more pieces are expected to be added before then.

So what’s the ceiling for Cockburn in year two? Is he already maxed out because his game relies on physical advantage or do you think that he can improve significantly on the 13/8 he put up this year?

Where does Illinois factor into next year’s Big Ten race if Cockburn but not Dosunmu is back? Are they right there in the group with Wisconsin and Iowa - they’ll get some national love but it’s “I’ll believe it when I see it” mode until proven otherwise?

Who does Illinois have to play on the wing at the 3 and 4? Giorgi can’t play with Cockburn, Griffin transferred, Ayo will go pro and Feliz/Nichols graduated.

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Would imagine Adam Miller gets some run at the “3” in three guard lineups, then they’ll be relying heavily on Grandison and Hutcherson as transfers. Not sure how that will go for them.

I think one of the two transfers is seen as a bit more of a combo forward so that’s an option. Article I linked above is about pursuit of a 6-11 skilled forward reclassification target so that’s an option too.

But mostly I think the best option is 4 guards and Kofi. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Curbelo and Miller and am excited to see them play.

Yeah their backcourt should be really good. Miller is my guess for Big Ten Freshman of the Year. They’d be small if they play Frazier, Curbelo and Miller all together though. I think they are all 6’3 and under. I guess it might not matter so much when you have a monster playing with them though.

Plus you have Damonte who gives you nothing on offense but can defend anyone.

I’ve been starting to think about break out players for 2020-21 and the two names at the top of the list are Rocket Watts and Franz Wagner.

Anyone else you guys really like in that mold this year?

Oops/sigh – for a second I was going to say David DeJulius.


Those two are top of my list too. Someone on Maryland is gonna be a star too because they have so much scoring to fill - most likely Wiggins or Ayala. Myreon Jones was really good last year too but I don’t think a lot of casual fans knew who he was. Without Stevens I think he breaks out as an all conference type

You gotta think one of the Maryland wings will break out

(looks like Adam beat me while I was typing)

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Will take them a while to decide who should actually step up and do it :rofl: Still laugh about how neither of them wanted to start last year.


Don’t think he would have been on my list even if he was still at U-M.

Ron Harper has kind of been a slow and steady breakout guy but I still really like his game. Think he takes another big step this year.

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I like Duane Washington’s game. Myreon Jones for sure. Aaron Wheeler redux? Miller Kopp

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