Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 1)

As Dylan says, these things work themselves out. Henry is almost certainly gone. Whoever gets left out of the 4/5 minutes between Marble, Bingham, and Kithier is likely gone. Loyer could be gone. I could see 3 opening fairly easily, unfortunately for MSU they have to keep one of those spots open for Emoni.


It will be interesting to see MSU go through some unexpected off-season attrition discussion for once. They haven’t had hardly any players transfer out under Izzo. Heck, there’s probably a joke here that Loyer and Kithier would take walk-on spots just for the privilege of being yelled at and coached by Izzo!

It will work out I’m sure - Henry is gone and even Watts might have some NBA interest.


If Watts is about to be as good as MSU people are hyping him up to be, then he’ll be gone lol. Personally, I think he’ll do well as a PG and it’ll be a 50-50 decision. We’ll see though with that position change, it could be a lot for a sophomore to handle.

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Yeah I know some MSU fans have touted Rocket being gone as a possibility as well. He doesn’t seem like a guy that will hang on at MSU for an extra year if he doesn’t have to

What is rocket Watts position in the NBA? Right now he is a small two guard if we are honest and he is not likely to be a lottery pick next year.

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Paying off the debt, paying for scholarships and paying salaries are generally the pecking order. Illinois isn’t alone in this mess. Michigan ranks fourth among public school athletic departments with $300 million in debt, following immediately by Minnesota ($252 million) and Ohio State ($250). At the same time, Wisconsin is sitting on $190 million in reserves.

This pandemic will likely change the financing in big-time college sports. There’s a reason why the Power 5 have been so powerful. Sooner or later, it’s about the money.

Big Ten football season was just cancelled along with all other fall sports.

Not looking optimistic for basketball

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What’s a 2020 recruit to do? Defer enrollment to avoid the red-shirt? Attend prep-school? Play in New Zealand (essentially 0 covid)?

If the season does end up getting cancelled, I think most of our roster is pretty safe. But I do think a lot of 5-stars and top players will end up skipping college to go overseas or train for the pros.

Maybe not the worst year for Juwan to miss on a couple 5-stars after all… :man_shrugging:

By the time any decision is made about college hoops, incoming freshmen will already be enrolled in college. No turning back and heading to prep school.

I suspect college hoops will be delayed before canceled.


I think at this point it’s more likely than not to get cancelled. Given the current state of the nation’s covid response, it’s likely to be June 2021 before things are under control. My company isn’t going back to the office until 2021 at a minimum. My sister’s company is going remote until June 2021 (in New Jersey, which is relatively under control). I agree with @IanLemersal that the top players will find other options, that’s a no-brainer. They’ll go into some kind of NBA training bubble. But others may decide to be proactive and not wait for the leagues to make up their minds.

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There’s obviously a real possibility that it gets canceled but the NCAA makes the majority of its money off the NCAA Tournament. It will be delayed before canceled. The idea of a Jan or Feb start with a May tournament will definitely be on the table IMO.

I don’t see a ton of incentive for players to look to do something else at that point. You are already going to be on campus and training with world class facilities. Who knows what international leagues look like at that point.

Sure, you could just work out but it doesn’t make sense to do that before you know what happens in college hoops. And most players will want to retain eligibility.


If ever there was a year for the sneaker leagues or somebody else to take over from the NCAA this would be it. NCAA are sitting ducks.

The NCAA won’t be the ones making the decision though. It’s going to come down to the conferences, just like in the other sports.

Whatever happens, college football is theoretically less than a month away and they’re just deciding now to kill it, so we’re not going to know about college basketball for a good while now. They’ll wait as long as they can before giving it up

The fall sports included in this announcement are men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball. The Big Ten Conference will continue to evaluate a number of options regarding these sports, including the possibility of competition in the spring. Decisions regarding winter and spring sports will also continue to be evaluated.