Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

Someone should make a gif of half a screen of Juwan dancing with his players and half a screen of Izzo using his “motivational” techniques.

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And right on cue, there goes Fran losing his crap.

Think I would agree with all of these, except Iowa goes in the “I have no idea” bucket for me.

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I’ve seen Fran McCaffery teams in March…


They almost beat Tennessee last year!


They’re making Purdue looking like the 2016 Golden State Warriors right now

Not saying I’m buying! I just think Garza can win you basically any single game.

And allowed what 1.1 PPP over two games? Just not a lot of margin for error when you play good teams and don’t play defense.

You mentioned on one of the podcasts that you were concerned Michigan’s defensive renaissance was due to competition more than anything else. I’m surprised you’re still buying considering this looks to be a spot on take.

We did talk about the fact that the last two games were against two of the better offensive teams in the league.

I don’t think you should completely change how you feel about a team based on two losses to the two hottest teams in the league when they shoot 50% from 3. I definitely don’t think I implied that on the pod?

As per usual Garza has his elbows/forearms all up in a defender’s face. Got away with an obvious offensive foul on Iowa’s last possession.

If Purdue wins this game at Iowa, I think that means that the most likely scenario is that Michigan will play either Purdue or Rutgers if it ends up in the 8/9 game.

Believe there are still some scenarios that get U-M to a 7 seed (even a 6!) though if it goes 2-0 this week.

I dig all of that. U-M is in. They win, it’s possibly a one-up on the seed line; they lose, two teams that don’t make me want to spit acid on the earth itself will build their resume. Dream scenario.


Cue every color commentator: that’s what makes Tom so special, he wants to win [as opposed to literally every other coach]


Barf emoji.

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Looks like the only outlier that needs to happen for Michigan to get the #7 seed is for OSU to lose to Illinois in Columbus. Everything else follows Saragin (other than Michigan beating Maryland in College Park).

To get the #6 seed Purdue needs to hold on tonight, Illinois beats OSU, and Rutgers beats Purdue at Mackey (with everything else minus Mich/Mary following Saragin).

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That’s just twisted enough to work this season.

“Iowa rounding into March form” - ouch, but funny :joy:


It almost hurts me because, in all the BTTs I’ve been to, Iowa fans are among the coolest/generous/insightful out there.