Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

Let’s start a new thread for this year now that the season is here.


Sam Vecenie put out his first 2020 mock. I think he’s one of the best in the biz at evaluation.

He has
Dosunmu at 20
Jalen Smith at 24
Tillman at 30
Henry at 32
Winston at 33

And that’s it for B1G

I wonder if Teske has a shot at the 2nd round if he shoots 36%+ from 3 and maintains his elite defensive prowess

Hmm possibly. But there are only 6 seniors in that mock at all, so odds are stacked against him. I also think the chances of Teske shooting over 36% are slim.

Wow, Winston at 33? He’s a consensus All-American candidate.

We are discussing a mock draft not an All American team. Jalen Brunson is probably the right comparison (POTY, not prototypical NBA measurements) and he went… 33rd. I think that’s probably right.


Just realized Wisconsin plays St. Mary’s today in South Dakota. Should be a really interesting game. But unfortunately will overlap with MSU-UK

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Is over 138 in the MSU/Kentucky game as easy as it sounds? Looks like it’s already risen to 139.5 and I still like that

I plan on double-tving tonight plus probably an ipad with a third game

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Teske could be a solid backup center in NBA because of his size and lateral quickness. If he develops a consistent mid-range, which is more likely than not, he could be a good piece for many teams.

Xavier Tillman. What a story.

I wonder whether Jon’s draft stock might take a hit, given that he will be taking on a new role and system. I thought he got shafted in the All-B1G end-of-year rankings last year, and tend to agree with Silverblue that he is the most complete center in the conference this year. The upside would be that learning to play with his back to the basket and posting up/passing out of the post more–if he proves good at it–increases his draft appeal.

I like it and I think both teams will try to run. Could see a situation where UK slows down Cassius and then who else scores for MSU. Or MSU is struggling in transition defense and then slows the game down like we saw last year.

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I got 140.5 and I still feel fantastic about it.

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At the risk of alienating Silverblue, Dick Vitale is insufferable! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I maligned him, but I found his comment about Izzo and Calipari’s shared Italian heritage interesting. Who else is in that fraternity? Pitino, Massimino, Colangelo, Del Negro, Fraschilla. . .

Illinois heading to OT with Nicholls…

That’s what we tried to tell Tillman after last season. But he didn’t listen