Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

Watching Purdue-Iowa, does the B10 now allow one 40+ year player per team that doesn’t count against the scholarship limit?

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Really flippin’ impressive win by Purdue.

It looks pretty likely that we’ll be playing the winner between Rutgers @ Purdue on Saturday, in the first round of the BTT. If we advance, I think we play Wisconsin in the second round.

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Ryan Kreiner and Evan Boudreaux both own annuities. They just can’t afford market volatility so close to retirement.


Looking like the most probable outcome is a potential rematch with MSU Friday. Assuming we can handle business on Thursday against Purdue or Rutgers

Guess I’m pulling for Wisconsin to grab that then. So much for Maryland in the Quarterfinal :disappointed:

We went from Rutgers-Maryland to Purdue-MSU in one day

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I am not sure if I am the only one seeing this, but at the PSU-MSU game yesterday, everytime Winston drove to the basket, he used his hand to create separation (push) between him and his defender. I have seen Winston doing this in many games. Do you know if opposing coaches alert the refs about Winston’s tendency?

I’ve assumed that they all let the officials know that they know Cassius does this. There was a huddle clip from one of this year’s MSU-UM games where Juwan told his players not to worry about Cassius’ push-offs; that he would take care of it with the officials.

Hot take: Xavier Tillman is MSU’s MVP

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To the Tom Izzo is losing his team crowd from last night

That’s a tough one. They’d struggle big time without Winston or Tillman, but I think the dropoff from Winston to Watts/Loyer is bigger than the one from Tillman to Kithier/Bingham.

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Winston is a very clever player. He is not a speedster, he knows how to create spacing using his hands, and how to sell contact to go to the foul line. He is a great college player, but I would be surprised if his game translates well to the pros. But then again, I was wrong about Harden. The difference is that Harden has size and Winston might have problems running away from quicker guards.

If Maryland, MSU and Wisconsin win out, I think Wisconsin would be the 1 seed, right?

Correct. Wisconsin @ Indiana on Saturday likely decides if we would play MSU or Wisconsin on Friday should we advance.

Interesting. I didn’t bother digging into tiebreakers. I just noticed that MSU is the most probable 1 seed and Michigan is the most probable 8/9 seed based on those percentages.

I would be happy to face Wisconsin. A potential Rutgers/Purdue, Wisconsin, Iowa/Illinois path to Sunday seems pretty ideal. Especially for a 8/9 seed.


That would definitely be my preferred path. Avoid MSU and have a chance at a couple revenge games along the way.

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