Big Ten announces scheduling updates

I am fine with that too but there has to be some stated criteria for BTT seeding. Or just flip a coin? KenPom standings?

It’s still in Michigan’s hands to win the conference, so LFG. Love this schedule.


Wow, is this great. Can we sneak ten thousand well-masked students into Crisler to scream themselves hoarse?

We get the opportunity to send Josh Langford out to kiss the Spartan head at mid court after a 30 point loss on a senior night. And really that’s all we could ever ask for.


Tomorrow is huge. Win tomorrow and you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself the title.


This is the perfect revised schedule for us. I’ve been saying for awhile that anything more than 17 games was unnecessary and risky. Glad the folks in charge saw it the same way.

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The updated KenPom

Sounds about right. Lose one of Ohio State and Indiana, and lose one of Iowa and Illinois.

So the current projection is the drama scenario:

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Also of note: Currently only 4 postponed games have not been rescheduled. The only one not involving Michigan is Purdue-Nebraska.

14-3 vs 15-5 isn’t that controversial imo. Illinois fans would have to argue we’d lose 2 of 3 @PSU, @NW, and vs IU? Even if they beat us, I don’t think that’s much of an argument.


14-3 to 15-5 is the drama scenario?

Yeah 2 game difference in the loss column seems pretty cut and dry to me.

I would think 14-3 vs. 16-4 would be the scenario that would lead to the most outrage especially if we lose to the team that finishes 16-4.

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You all are right. I forgot what records prioritized over which. I need to right this stuff down ha.

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Beat Illinois and there’s basically going to be no drama no matter what. Easy peasy


Hypothetical, you can pick one game for Michigan to win between Iowa, OSU, and Illinois. Michigan loses the other 2. Which do you pick?

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It would knock out OSU for all practical purposes. But we’d still have to be on guard for Illinois.

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Illinois, no question IMO.


For ease of reference