Big Ten announces scheduling updates

This is really about as favorable of a schedule as you could make. Michigan only plays Tues/Thurs once (could have hypothetically been 3x) and plays one more home game than road game.


Not bad. I would have liked a bit more time between Illinois and MSU (and less time between the MSU games) but it’s nitpicking. I’ll take it.

Plus the T-Th are between Sat and Sunday. With both at home as I mentioned. Ideal!

Yeah, given the circumstances this seems about as optimal as we could get. I think the behind the scenes work was well done. I understand 17 vs. 18 games doesn’t make much difference, but 18 seems “neater” to me for some reason and in a normal year for home/road balance. Because of that the @ NW game would be great to get in somewhere as that should be a nice bump but I would have to imagine this is it.

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Oh, it could be possible. But at this point sounds like the BTT and NCAA are pretty locked in.

Here. Yes. I am one of those people and I am very surprised and very pleased.

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And this allows for more time for the team to get back in good condition and game shape before stacking up games on short rest. I am sure they pushed back on additional games this and next week. Two solid weeks of mostly regularly scheduled games after the COVID pause (except only one day between Iowa and Indiana) before the single T-Th combo.

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which is really silly. but oh well


what a four game stretch in two weeks …

and marquee games that will make the networks extremely happy.


It sucks but I just call em like I see em. Hate to be the bearer of bad news


Gonna be a busy few weeks. But I think this is about as good as we could’ve hoped for with a 17 game schedule and the hand we were dealt with the shutdown. The conference needs to announce regular season title guidelines now.

Given the football controversy I was going to say that they may not do that but I suppose there has to be some sort of guidelines given for BTT seeding.


Quinn has been pretty consistent in his prediction that it will be win%. But you are right that there’s no B1G announcement yet.


The interesting thing is 16-4 is “1/2 game ahead” of 14-3 but a lower win percentage.


And to a lesser extent Iowa, but yeah. Michigan gave up games that could have padded its win total, but isn’t overextending itself as a result. Great trade, in my opinion.

It’s also betting on yourself to go out and win in the fewer opportunities you have to wrap up the conference. The mission is clear and minds sharpened.


The official Michigan BBall site does not show the UM vs MSU game on March 7 but does show all the other games listed for the revised schedule.

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It’s there now.

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I guess it might be something that they’ll hold out on announcing until they have to cross that bridge. Like if UM somehow wins the league by 4 games with only 17 games played or UM goes on a slide down the stretch, then there’s no reason to announce anything.

Notice how these games work to get National tv exposure on CBS,Fox or espn original.

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If there is a case where a team is 1/2 game ahead but has a worse win %, I’m okay with co-championships being handed out.

Unless more games are missed, being a whole game ahead or tied with Michigan isn’t possible.