B1G Tourney seeding


Trying to pretend the 6-seed is impossible to stay out of the late-night tip-offs in DC… but good point.


Would love that draw if it were to happen: play the winner of Nebraska-Rutgers, then likely get another crack at UMD as the three seed. They will have the home support, but I think a lot of Michigan alumns will be at Verizon Center, as well.


Well Wisconsin kind of just completely let us down. I have no idea what that performance was down the stretch…

So now we’re definitely looking at the 8/9 game unless Iowa somehow loses at home to PSU?


That Wisconsin choke means Michigan is in the 8-9 game if Iowa beats Penn State.


The B1G is so weird this year. Iowa has now beaten Maryland and Wisconsin in back to back games. Both of the road. Wow.


Now they face a surging Illinois team in yet another 8/9 game.

Man, although I still think losing out gets you to worst case the play-in, it’s a harder BTT game now. I’m really gonna hope they take care of business Sunday night.

On top if that, Purdue awaits. THANKS Wisconsin.


Definitely makes the road in the BTT tourney tougher but the most important thing is to beat Nebraska. If we do that, we lock up a bid and I don’t think the results in the BTT will affect our NCAA seed unless we go on a run.


Illinois already has 9 losses


Yeah, I just realized this. My bad. Looks like we’re playing a hot Illinois team in the first round. Ugh.


If Iowa beats Penn St. then Michigan would play Illinois in the 8/9.


I’ll be curious how Nebraska plays if they’re locked into the 12-13 by our game Sunday Night. (There would me some motivation to win if they have a chance to play Rutgers)


I imagine senior night will offer much more motivation than trying to move from 12 seed to the 11.


For who though? Webster is their only Senior. And if there’s no seeding implications, even a garbage 11 seed on the line, it feels pointless but for pride, which they’ve shown none of recently.



So root for OSU then it looks like. That locks Nebraska into the Wednesday slot. Sunday night game prior to that, would imagine Miles tries to tinker for some more rest with some players, even if only a couple extra minutes.


I feel like Nebraska is going to want to win for pride more than Big Ten seeding.


Make it simple for me. Who are our potential big ten tournament opponents?


Sure haven’t seen pride their last three games. If I’m a player, you know your chance at anything starts in DC. If you’re locked into Wed, then I’m not caring much about Sunday.


They will still want to get some momentum going into the first round. It’s a lot easier to be “locked in” on wednesday when you’re coming off of a good win rather than 4 straight blowouts. I really don’t expect Nebraska to be mailing it in for any reason.


I think this accurately accounts for everything that I see in the chart Dylan shared. Here it is.

Assuming Michigan beats Nebraska:

If Iowa, MSU, and Purdue lose we’re a 6 seed against one of PSU, Ohio State or Indiana

If Iowa loses and one of MSU or Purdue win then we’re a 7 seed against winner of IU/OSU

If Iowa wins then we’re an 8 seed against Illinois

If Michigan loses to Nebraska

If Iowa loses then we’re an 8 seed playing Iowa

If Iowa wins then we’re an 8 seed playing Illinois