B1G Tourney seeding


Basically win for the 7, lose for the 8. I’d be surprised if Iowa drops 2.


If we end up as the 7 seed it looks like the 10 seed will be the winner of the Indiana/OSU game. Then a potential Friday game with Wisconsin I believe.


I really hope they win because that 8/9 is ANOTHER BTT game against Illinois if they win at Rutgers.

You would also think a loss there and Illinois jumps us. Although I still think wirst case is Michigan is in play-in if they lose next two.


It’s tough. Even if they pull of nw and minny I could have seen us as a 6 by now. This close. I’d say we’re in 8 or 9 territory which sucks cause I’m pretty confident that we are a top 25 team in the country right now. Props to nw they pulled it off. Minny loss is still hard to swallow and I actually think their pretty garbage. First round upset in the making.

I’d rather see us as a 10 or 11. Forget the 8 or 9. Much tougher to make a run. I’m really confident we could make a deep run in the right bracket. Let’s pray we get a scenario like last years. as opposed to an 8 , 9 game followed by say unc, but man we could have been this close to being a pretty high seed.

Now it’s beat Nebraska and win the big ten tourney. If we did that I could see us vault to a 6 again. I’m really enjoying watching this team right now. I don’t want it to end. Why did it take so long for Walton and the rest of them to wake up? If we were playing at this level all year we’d be top 20


Hard to beat a team 3 times, but Indiana is really bad. I definitely want to avoid OSU, but I think that is who we end up playing. They embraced the rivalry and bullied us in the paint in that last matchup at Crisler. Hopefully we play better, but Beilein teams don’t usually win rivalry games. 6-11 vs MSU and 7-14 vs OSU.


To think at Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, northwestern could all easily be different endings is extra frustrating.


Actually I’d be ok with Ohio st. Id rather play them then Indiana again. I think with our new found intensity plus Walton zoning that we win by 8-12 points this time around.


Hopefully, they’ll be confident having already punked us at home. Maybe we can find a little 2K Classic magic, but I’m not very optimistic.


Yea the list goes on but the minny and Wisconsin games I hold extra resentment towards because I felt the games were ripped out of our hands for 10-15 minutes by the refs. Normal called games and we win both easily.

I really believe we’re a top 25 team. This is one case where we are not what are record days we are imo. A few things here and there and weed 13-4 in conf. Impressive.


I feel good about that match up. The energy they played with today was great by all minus dj. The effort and every game is your last attitude is taking shape. I could see us winning the tourney I’m serious. Big ten that is.


Freudian slip in that last line? lol


Honestly I really think if this team played to its potential they could make a deep deep run with the right draw. I don’t like to say exactly because I get accused of being a homer, or people think I’m crazy. Honestly I could see them going elite eight or so if things fell right. I think their that good at times


I completely agree. Then we have games where dj looks like he’s playing his first career game.


I really hate keeping a negative tone but this was the most frustrating game in a while to me. DJ was probably my biggest frustration.

He was a bit soft on defense in the first half and just didn’t do anything on offense. Go wreak some havic down low and grab some offensive boards if you aren’t getting shots. Go get your own points, he has it in him. The team just can’t afford him to stay on the perimeter. Duncan can do that and he’s starting to do a lot more elsewhere now.


Teams pretty clearly scrap their entire offense to go at Duncan when he’s in the game, and I thought he did a great job against Purdue and down the stretch against Northwestern in forcing tough shots.

DJ on the other hand can’t guard a one on one situation for the life of him. He’s been great as a help side defender at times this year but I cringe every time he has to guard the ball in an isolation setting


Each time McIntosh took Robinson one-on-one on NW’s 3rd-to-last and 2nd-to-last possessions, I assumed he’d score or get fouled. Robinson stayed in front of him perfectly without fouling and his length forced tough shots. It was very impressive.


Agree with both of you above. His defense recently has been good, even very good for what he gives you offensively.

Offensively, seems like once a game now he’s using the overplay to sneak backdoor for a cut too.


I’m not 100%, but I think the only way that Michigan would play Illinois in the 8-9 game would be if Iowa goes 2-0 (beats Wisconsin and PSU). If Iowa goes 2-0, then I think Michigan is almost certainly playing Illinois.

So you want to root for Wisconsin over Iowa tonight.

If Iowa goes 1-1 and Michigan loses, I think Michigan would play Iowa in the 8-9 game. If Iowa goes 1-1 and Michigan wins, then U-M should be the 7 seed.


Thanks for clarifying. That definitely makes sense in the case of a three way tie between Michigan, Iowa and Illinois.

For whatever reason I had in my mind that it would be a two way tie between Michigan and Iowa and they’d jump us, versus all three at 9-9.

In that certainly plausible case, man that’s a tough one. If Iowa won they’d stay in the top 100, so I doubt that could end up being a 100-200 loss. I guess I’d definitely rather see them over a surging Illinois.

Can we just win Sunday and play Indiana/OSU knowing we’re a tourney lock? Please??


This scenario also isn’t dead. Purdue is @ NW, and MSU is @ Maryland.