B1G Tourney seeding

Purdue and Wisconsin are locked in to the 1-2 seeds. Purdue probably will be the 1 as they hold the tiebreaker.

Minnesota and Maryland are most likely to be the 3-4. Minnesota holds the tiebreaker, but Maryland has @Rutgers and Sparty left, with Sparty at home, I think they finish 12-6 to get the 3 seed. Minnesota finishes at Wisconsin, so likely they finish 11-7. If Michigan wants that 5 spot they have to win Wednesday. That 5 spot is crucial, as it sets up to play the winner of the 12-13 game, likely to be ohio state, Penn state or Indiana. Then they would most likely get another crack at Minnesota which I am sure the team would relish.

A lot of basketball left, but Wednesday is huge.

5 through 7 is where it gets interesting. Sparty currently is 9-6, but will be underdogs in all 3 remaining games. I think they finish 10-8. NW and Michigan are 9-7 and play each other Wednesday. Both could finish 11-7 but lose the tiebreakers to MD and Minnesota.


if we draw the 12/13 winner, Minnesota, Purdue then championship I think there’s a very real shot we could run the table. Those are good matchups

teams I would love to play again: Ohio state, MSU, Iowa, Minnesota

Teams I want no part of: Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin

We beat Indiana by 30 at home and double digits at Assembly Hall. I’d be fine playing them again.

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In all seriousness, the way we’ve played the last 6 games, I’m good with playing any big ten team on a neutral court. As we all know, the only loss in that span is a screw job by the refs.


I feel like beating a team 3 times in one season is damn near impossible

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I’m trying to figure out if we have any realistic shot at the four seed right now. It doesn’t seem very likely since we would lose any 3+ team tiebreaker thanks to our 1-3 record vs Maryland, Minnesota, and State.

The only way I see it possible is if one of Minnesota (Neb, @ Wis) or Maryland (@ Rut, MSU) lose out. Assuming we win out we would need MSU to drop at least one game in their final 3 (Wis, @ ILL, @ MD). In that case we would hold the individual tiebreaker with MSU thanks to our win over Purdue.

Other than that scenario it’s looking like the 5 seed is the best we can hope for.


http://bball.notnothing.net/big10.php?sport=mbb make your own brackets

Indiana once did that to us to win the National Championship. Just saying.

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Most likely scenario that we need is MSU loses to Wisky. And then Minnesota loses @Nebraska and vs Wisconsin.

If that happens we control our destiny for the 4 seed.

Yep, but MSU needs to just lose any one of their remaining games. Doesn’t have to be against Wisconsin.

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Seems like this is the one scenario right: Michigan wins out, MSU loses one more game, Minnesota loses two more games. That would get Michigan a 4.

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lol… might as well toss all the names in a hat and randomly draw.

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Should have a lot better understanding of the seeding after tonight’s Michigan and MSU games.

If MSU loses at Maryland and Michigan wins at Nebraska, they jump them in seeding, correct?

Tiebreaker would be record against top team which Michigan has?

It can definitely work out to UM as the 6 and MSU the 7, but depends on other games I believe.

Ah yeah my fault! I meant to ask if that was the case on a two way tie only. My bad.

I think this is on the right track:

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