Assistant Coaching Candidates

He has never worked with Cornell Mann, but knows him. I am not sure about LaVall, but he knew Bacari through coaching circles and friends of his.

If “knowing someone through coaching circles and friends” counts as an existing relationship, then perhaps, but that includes a large number of possibilities.

Well, the names I listed are the guys at the top either way.

Of course they are, that’s why they’re on the hot board!

So if the hot board is who is being targeted who would you guys like to see get the spot?

Obviously Mann or Washington have to get one spot due to instate connections and I hope Nichols gets the other. Young and played for JB but also Huggins.

Whomever we get I am sure that they will be good coaching. Why not just let coach B and Coach Meyers Pick who they feel is the best candidates for positions ? I trust that coach Belien knows what he is doing. I have faith in whomever he picks. They have to have the same inspirations that Bacari and Lavell had.

I don’t think someone with in-state connections has to get one spot–we’ve had guys with really good in-state connections for all 9 years under Beilein (Mike Jackson and Bacari), and we still haven’t gotten a lot of guys from in-state. Nothing against Mann or Washington–from all reports, they’d be very acceptable to me–but the fact that they have in-state connections is not a must in my eyes. At the end of the day, basketball recruits sign with a head coach, not with assistants, unless there is some uniquely special relationship regarding a particular recruit.

I also like Nichols a lot. I’d be happy with him. But Nichols and one of Washington/Mann–who’s coaching bigs?

I know that Chris Hunter gets criticized here and elsewhere for lack of coaching and recruiting experience, and that’s fair–hiring him would be a gamble. At the same time, he was a legit big man, who played a year in the NBA, he’s very smart and a quick learner (Ross graduate, excellent academic credentials; it takes about 30 seconds of conversation to understand how smart he is), he knows the system, and he was a captain at Michigan and loves the school. I’d be very happy with him coaching big men, as long as the other coach we hire to coach guards has significant coaching and recruiting experience.

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Mann is my choice based on resume alone, obviously there will be other factors considered

I agree with the instate connections but seems like there has always been one member with some type of in state ties. If you look around however at other staffs across the country it doesn’t always seem to be the case.

Couple of thoughts, doesn’t Washington coach bigs at Oakland? Also if you take Hunter that eliminates Nichols as he is less experienced. Other thing is Nichols is the only one currently at a power 5 school, Mann was the previous year. Was hoping coaches at equivalent level schools would get looks.

Going to be interesting what JB does as he could go many different directions. A question for you Mhoops, do you think both guys get hired at the same time and any knowledge if the interview process has begun yet? Thanks

Sam Webb did a recruiting roundup on today’s show in regards to the assistant coach search. Sounds like Mann and Washington are interested and have interviewed. Brief interest with Lindsey Huinter but seems to have fizzled and obviously Chris Hunter is in a tryout essentially right now with him recruiting on the road.

Thanks very much for the update, no other names were mentioned? Really hoping JB has something up his sleeve with one of the positions at least.

No no other names that I can recall. Tony Paul posted on Twitter that Beileins son is a name that’s been floating around as well but that seems like an obvious name to just toss out there.

Yeah I saw that thanks, hope Darris Nichols gets an interview and offer then give me one of Mann or Washington and call it a day.

Nichols would be really good. Do you think he’d want to leave Florida after only one year?

Billy Donlon is a possibility

Where did you hear that name? Got to think the list is bigger then just the few names that have been mentioned from the start.

Yep. Just come to add that Billy Donlon was in town. That could be your surpise Colby.

It really isn’t.

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If I had to guess, one spot will be filled by a former JB player as the “youth” hire.

The other will be Donlon.

I think it will be Saddi Washington and probably Donlon.