Assistant Coaching Candidates

would like to see Charles Thomas from Akron gets in the Mix for this . Guard Coach from a winning program can Recruit Ohio and Michigan along with other states

Anxious to see what JB does with the coaching spots. At least one if not both have to have connections in state. Only two candidates I have heard are Saddi Washington and Cornell Mann, who else is out there that should get consideration?

Thanks Dylan forgot about the board, I’m curious who else is out there with in state connections. Kind of hoping JB goes off the board for at least one of the hires.

Also are there any other UM alums in college coaching right now besides CJ Lee?

Juwan Howard is at Miami, but doesn’t have much coaching experience and no college experience.

I hope he looks for a coach with east coast connections. The east coast really develops good players. NJ and PA have developed a very solid amount of pros

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Agreed, one in stater and a guy with some serious recruiting connections in some other region. Wish he would look at Mike Mennenga from Oregon, been around including east coast but main connection is Toronto. Reason Oregon is in on all the Canadians.

All 3 have great basketball intelligence. From a recruiting standpoint alone, any of the 3 would kill it at Michigan. Jalen and Cwebbs lack of coaching experience should be irrelevant. Howard probably would not leave his coaching gig with the Heat for Michigan, but it’s worth seeing if he is interested.

CWebb and Jalen Rose make far more on television then they would make in Ann Arbor. They also live a far more comfortable lifestyle rather than traveling around recruiting. Juwan Howard also probably lives a far more comfortable lifestyle as an NBA assistant than a college assistant.


… but what are Jimmy King and Ray Jackson up to?


Thanks for the laugh


If they’re going to look at a former player go look at Mark Hughes. He was an assistant with San Diego St, he’s director of scouting with the NY Knicks. He certainly has the background to be an assistant.

To mimic the structure of the OP…

Why not see if they are good coaches first?

Rose and Webber have to come as a package deal. ESPN would pay their salaries to make a reality series.


Has anyone heard any info in regards to candidates? Shouldn’t be surprised with JB that info is sparse.

Mann, Washington, Young Belein, Nichols, Chris Hunter, and CJ Lee

Thanks, should have said any new names. Hoping there is at least one surprise.

Beilein isn’t going to hire anyone that he doesn’t have a previous relationship with or at least know pretty well. Well I should say, if he did it would be a major shift in personal philosophy.

Was hoping Marlon Williamson would get considered.

What were his existing relationships with Bacari and LaVall?