Assistant Coaching Candidates

Tweeted by Branden Hunter at Rivals as coming from “a source.” Says he’s coming to become an assistant, so could be that he would fill one of the two possible roles. People know about Jackson? What are the thoughts?

Is this the guy? There’s an obvious slant in the article but he doesn’t seem squeaky clean like JB.

Doesn’t seem like a likely choice to me.

Less than 0 percent chance this is true.

The UDM AD is forcing him upon BA…hence the delay in that job getting resolved.


Darris Nichols would be an interesting choice, young guy who you would think is good on the recruiting trail. Also played a year under Huggins so probably learned some defence then. I guess if BA leaves Saddi would be the favourite in terms of instate candidates.

For those that don’t know Darris Nichols. He played for Beilein at WVU, and then Huggins for a year. Had his pro career cut short because of injuries and Huggins picked him up for a GA spot. I believe he went to Wofford for a few years. He got an assistant job at La Tech with Mike White and followed him to Florida. I don’t know if he is a candidate but he would be a hell of an addition. Knows the offense inside and out as well as seeing things differently with Huggins and White.

I don’t believe that Beilein has ever had a former player work as an assistant for him. His son, Pat, as we all know worked as a GA as UM but was never an assistant.


Don’t see Jackson as a likely choice …To shady imo for Michigan …To many red flags back in the his days as a HS coach to

He’ll get a courtesy interview at the very least IMO.

mpbear, who do you see as the contenders besides Saddi? Only downfall for Nichols is no Midwest connection.

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Interesting. Thanks.

Have heard from two Detroit “insiders” the reason Bacari hasn’t been signed yet, is their AD’s insistence on keeping Jermaine Jackson Sr. on staff. I have no idea how that situation could have played out into Jackson being offered the Michigan job. I don’t but it at all.

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Could definitely see Patrick Beilien coming in

I truly don’t know. JB could go in a million directions. I’m also skeptical that top flight assistants are knocking down his door to coach under him.

I think we are going to land 2 very young assistants with not a lot of coaching experience. Just my gut feeling. I could be way off.

Cj Lee. Bring him back.

Cornell Mann
Saddi Washington
Darris Nichols

Pat Beilein

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That would be a huge mistake. He is a nightmare. He stands at Dakota games (where his son plays) yelling at the head coach and players on the team. I saw him coach at Mt. Clemens, not a good role model for kids. It’s all about Jermaine, just ask him how good of a coach he is he will tell you. When his teams lost it was always the kid’s fault. Look at some articles and read his quotes, hard to have any respect for him. Also, I wouldn’t trust him playing by the rules.


I saw at least one article that raises some red flags, but I don’t have any first hand knowledge so who knows. The one thing I am sure about JB is that he would not bring a problem coach on the staff.

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Was wondering if any of the instate guys on here can give us any background on Cornell Mann? Is he known as a good recruiter and respected among the coaches in state? I have read that he was Hoiberg’s defensive coach at Iowa State, the team was successful but defensive stats not great.

I am very interested what path JB takes with this hire and if Bacari leaves as well. If Bacari doesn’t leave does that change the hire?

From my understanding he is well respected by coaches. He has always been able to get kids from Michigan to wherever he’s been. He was actually an assistant to Pat Donnelly (UD Jesuit’s head coach) at Elmira College when Pat was a D3 head coach.

To say that he was Iowa State’s defensive coach is a huge stretch. I witnessed one of their practices a few years back (I grew up in Elmira where Pat coached and now live in MN) and Cornell really did nothing the whole practice. They did offensive and defensive drills and Cornell and the guy that is now at St. John’s really did nothing but walk around and encourage the players and talk to the coaches that were there.

From my interactions with Cornell, he seemed like a great guy and was very personable. Which is one of the reasons why he is considered a good recruiter. I’m sure he is on Beilein’s list and it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Thanks very much for the info, I was curious about the coaching side. I always wondered how many assistants actually coach or just recruit. Recruiting is obviously an issue for us but we really could use someone with some defensive expertise. Any knowledge on Saddi?