2021 NBA Playoffs

@quickdarshan asked for a playoffs thread so I started one.

I’ll open with this: who does everyone want/think will make it through the play in games in the East and West? I know the NBA is thrilled about the Lakers/Warriors game Wednesday.

For me, I’d love to see the Lakers and Warriors both advance as 7/8 seeds in the West.

In the East, I’d like to see the Wizards and Charlotte advance


Wizards NBA champs baby

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west: lakers and warriors
east: this one i could see going many ways since boston, indy, charlotte are all pretty decimated with injuries.

i think washington gets the 7 ultimately. and i’d love to see charlotte the 8, but i think boston will get it ultimately. not sure however. seems like a crapshoot

Who’s your NBA team? Wizards, or is that a joke because of how bad they started yet still managed to squeak in?

Warriors and Lakers are the obvious answers unless you are a Grizzlies fan. In the east none of those teams are particularly interesting to me so I don’t care. I’d prefer the Wizards lose because I want to trash talk my Westbrook loving friend. And Lamelo in the playoffs would be fun for 4 games

One of the reasons I love the NBA is that I can watch any game and enjoy it without much anxiety. When it comes to Michigan I am a total mess.

The Wizards are my childhood team but I won’t be heartbroken if and when they get boatraced by the Nets.


If my team is not involved, I typically root for the big market teams to lose. I love watching Lillard, so I usually root for Portland to do well. I like watching Doncic as well. In the East…not really a fan of much. I guess the Pacers or Heat so our Michigan guys get more prime time.

I’d like to see the Warriors grab the 7 seed and the Lakers get the 8 seed out West. I think that would mean we got to see Steph do something ridiculous in the play-in game. Plus, Lakers fans can afford to sweat it out a little longer.

In the East, no preference on what order they get in, but I’d like to see Charlotte and Washington. I think the Wizards could maybe make things interesting if Beal and Russ both get hot, and playoff LaMelo is more interesting than anything you’d get from Boston or Indy. Would have said Boston before the Jaylen Brown injury, but the C’s are Tatum and a bunch of nothing now.

I tend to agree with you too. I’m not a big fan of super teams or teams going overboard with “load management” so I think it would be an interesting shake-up if a team like the Lakers got eliminated since they took so many games off or a super team like the Nets got upset because their big three only played together for about 8 teams.

I have no horse in the race so I like enjoyable teams. I like the Mavs since they have a couple of Michigan players and I like other people on their roster.

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I think it will be the Clippers vs. Nets in the championship. Nets are way too talented and actually got depth if healthy. I’d like to see the Jazz or Nuggets get there though on the west.

Yeah, I’d like to see the Jazz, myself - those stars-less teams with just a bunch of pretty good players (like the last Pistons champ) are fun to me. Generally, I like Mitchell, Gobert, Ingles, Conley.

Mitchell is arguably the best 2 guard in the league though so I’d dispute that part.

They play a pretty entertaining brand of basketball as well.

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Uhhh who is making that argument exactly?

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You don’t think Mitchell is a top tier 2 guard? I don’t consider Harden one fwiw. He’s a combo or PG to me.

I’m a root for a seven game series guy. If Jamal Murray were healthy I might pick the Nuggets to win it all. But I guess it depends on who is healthy.

I guess 2 guard is a pretty weak position since the best 2 guards are just guards that aren’t good enough to be PGs like the others. So I guess he’d be in the top tier but I’d have Beal fairly comfortably ahead of him at minimum.

Murray not being healthy is a huge reason why I don’t think they advance. I’m going with the Clippers because Kawhi and PG are ready this time around I think. Nobody has been talking about the Clipper these playoffs which is weird to me.

Beal is a good one. I’d say Mitchell wins though and in the Western Conference. His team is way better than Beal’s but he was leading the Jazz to the playoffs as a rookie/sophomore in the league and their team wasn’t great then.

If you count Booker then he is another but he played PG until CP3 came.

Paul George basically plays the 2 for the Clippers. I’d have him and Beal over Mitchell? I’d also take whichever between Harden and Kyrie you don’t feel like like calling the 2.

Mitchell is definitely good - but he may not be the best player on the team (Gobert?) and I wouldn’t have him as a top 15 player in the NBA.

Positions are hard. What is Jimmy Butler? A 2? A 1? a 4?

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I’d take Beal over Mitchell all day and twice on Sunday. Mitchell may have a claim to being the second best, but I’m not sure what he does better than Beal other than play for a more functional coach/franchise.

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