2020 Recruiting Notes


He’s staying on campus today. Great sign he’ll grab an offer imo.

Shows a lot of interest on his part to stay an extra day to see campus and not just take in a game.


Matt D said he left after today’s visit without an offer.


Oh boy. That’s how you reel in the big fish. Did he take the academic tour?


I’m hoping that just means that they don’t have his academic transcripts yet and the offer will be coming. If not, I don’t really understand it.


No full academic tour… he was feeling under the weather.


Probably not a great sign if he didn’t do the academic tour after making the trip all the way out here (knowing that it’s a pre-requisite to an offer). Unless he was feeling really sick as opposed to what I think of as “under the weather.”


I would say not being 100% for an official visit is a bad sign. On not taking the tour, it’s impossible to parse exactly how sick he was.


Hard to say. He flew all the way from California to Louisville, then Ann Arbor. He wouldn’t be the first person to get worn down and catch a winter flu. Still, he said he wasn’t 100% sure if he would make it back for an official, so I guess he still needs to sort through his options. Not a hot n heavy scenario though. Typical 5*.


Can speculate but who knows, it is mentioned on the other board that it is a similar situation to Maxey last year. Hope this kid gets the offer sooner than later, Yaklich has known him for a long time.

Anyone got any guesses on who gets the next offer?


If Burnett isn’t a likely option, that’s all the more reason to get serious about Jayden Stone. I’m a bit miffed that we don’t seem to be recruiting him with any tenacity. There was a time when Beilein would have been all over a kid like that and Stone seemed to signal interest in Michigan in an interview a few months ago. Maybe they’re waiting to see what happens with Quinones first.

Louisville offered Stone earlier this month. He’s ranked around 50 by all three services.


Caleb Lohner visited State yesterday, any word if he visited us as well?


I still dont see his language around Michigan being a bad thing, just a thing that will have to be sorted out with time. That said, I am cautious that this will move in Michigan’s favor over time

Michigan : "Michigan was a very good visit. I enjoyed it a lot. I went to the game where they played Michigan State. Unfortunately, they lost but it was still a good game. I had a chance to talk with the assistant coach Luke Yaklich for a bit and I talked to Coach ( John ) Beilein for a bit too and it was a good conversation. It was relatively short because it was before a game but I understand that. The next day I was supposed to go visit the school and academic programs and things like that but unfortunately, I came down with the flu so I couldn’t physically go there. Other than (getting sick) I really enjoyed the visit.”


Michigan included in top 12 here fwiw.

Here is his 247 for convenience


Article mentions us getting a visit from big Hunter Dickinson.

Someone asks if JB will ever get a burger boy, says Walker Kessler is the most likely.


Also predicted Quinones to Memphis


On Kessler, it just seems like he’s mentioning Kessler because he’s the only McD AA we’ve been involved with in a while


It’s more polite than saying “no”.


Haven’t heard much on the Caleb Lohner front but it looks like he has transferred to Wasatch Academy in Utah. Watching him play against Cole Anthony and Oak Hill in the Geico Nationals. Finished with 12 points before fouling out late in the game.


Also, Shon Robinson has committed to Ole Miss.


His shot mechanics are flawless.