2020 Recruiting Notes


Davis will theoretically have another year. I’d say he’s likely not offered a fifth year, but we’ll be in an awkward spot where we only have two players above 6’8" (Castleton and theoretical 2020 recruit) on the roster if he does not come back for a 5th year.


Johns can play some center.

I can’t see Davis getting a fifth year unless we just strike out on big men recruits for 2020.


I think Michigan will play Jaron Faulds over Davis next year. Faulds did alright as a true freshman at Columbia in the Ivy League last year and simply has more experience playing as well as being taller. If Michigan whiffs on big men down the road I think Faulds is a better option going forward than Davis still.


People seem to forget Jaron, don’t they. I think he can be a solid backup player.


I completely forgot he existed. Yeah I could see that being an option.



Notable players:

#8 Cade Cunningham
#12 Walker Kessler
#16 Isaiah Jackson
#23 Corey Walker
#27 Nimari Burnett
#31 Jalen Terry
#36 Caleb Love
#40 Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe
#42 Cam’Ron Fletcher
#49 Jayden Stone
#50 Caleb Lohner
#52 Zach Loveday
#56 Zeb Jackson
#62 Ethan Morton
#68 Ben Carlson
#71 Lance Ware
#82 Micah Peavy
#108 Jabri Abdur-Rahim (what?)
#121 Dayten Holman
#127 Carlos Johnson
#227 Isaiah Rivera


Even at 8 I think Cunningham is underrated, he has dominated some top tier 2019 guys(Cole Anthony was one) recently.


Is Ware still in play? Weren’t we recruiting him pretty hard at one time?


Agreed. I’d put him top 5. Probably above Scottie Barnes and forsure Greg Brown. You could convince me that Barnes stays above Cunningham because Barnes is probably the most versatile, elite defender and a top 5 passer in the class any position and is 2 inches taller but Cade is much more refined. Green, Mobley and Jalen Johnson for now I’d have above him. Johnson is similar to Cunningham but with 2 extra inches. Elite passer, stat sheet stuffed and can be a monster on defense.


I was wondering about Ware as well, top 50ish recruit who visited but didn’t get offer. Not the type of player we needed at the time but wonder with the class likely getting bigger if we hear more about him again.

Worried Cade will be out of our league soon and wishing we could get in on Addison Patterson from Canada who might reclass to 19 as well.