2020 Recruiting Notes



I don’t know about Morton being a top 50 kid.

Would love to see Jackson here as a 5.


The 2020 rankings actually updated today


Players of Note:
10 - G Cade Cunningham
19 - C Walker Kessler
39 - G Caleb Love
43 - F Jabari Abdur Rahim
44 - G Ethan Morton
45 - G Jalen Terry
49 - G Jayden Stone
55 - C Zach Loveday
64 - G Micah Peavy
66 - G Zeb Jackson
84 - F Ben Carlson
149 - G DJ Gordon

These are just names I’ve seen us mentioned with at one time or another. I’m sure I’m missing a few.


Also of note:

5 - RJ Hampton
20 - Isaiah Jackson
26 - Nimari Burnett (highest rated 4 star)
38 - CamRon Fletcher
54 - Lance Ware
100 - Carlos Johnson


If people were to choose a 4 man class from 2020, one of which is automatically Zeb Jackson, who else would everyone pick?

Zeb Jackson
Walker Kessler
Cade Cunningham
Carlos Johnson

Could swap Micah Peavy for Scooby, Loveday or Isaiah Jackson for Kessler and id take that class as well. Peavy/Johnson appear to potentially be high level glue guys in college that’s why I’d take one of them over other higher rated players. One of Jackson, Kessler or Loveday I’ll take without hesitation either since Michigan will likely need a big and all 3 would be qualify players.

Cunningham is one of the most well rounded players in the class without question. He can already do everything pretty well. People knock his jump shot but I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s definitely the thing that would need the most improvement of his main skills long term, but he can hit with space and it doesn’t look terrible. It’s a slow shot though. He’s a great playmaker, defender, possesses great size and is an extremely high character individual who would bring a professional mindset to the program.

Zeb Jackson is a stud from Ohio so let’s just keep taking studs from Ohio :slight_smile:


Somewhat realistically (since I don’t think Kessler is coming here anymore) I’ll go with:
Zeb Jackson
Zach Loveday
Jabri Abdur Rahim


I am not sure what the issue is with Isaiah Jackson but I would rather have him then Loveday. Although most see Jackson as a 5 not sure how he would hold up against the likes of big bodied 5’s such as Wesson. Zeb Jackson, Isaiah Jackson, Scooby Johnson and hold out for Wagner.


Cunningham, Jackson, Kessler and moncrieffe-Alexander for me


That would be something if John Beilein got his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 5* in one class :wink:


Zeb Jackson
Cade Cunningham
Micah Peavy
Walker Kessler or Isaiah Jackson

But I’d have no issue with

Jalen Terry
Zeb Jackson
Scooby Johnson
a big


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Matt D article that says Burnett is visiting the 24th, he has been climbing the rankings so hope he gets an offer.

Any knowledge of visitors at yesterday’s game?


Will be interesting to see if Michigan does offer because we already have one combo guard committed in Jackson. I think they will because they’ve been on Burnett for awhile and he’s coming on his own pocket to the Michigan State game. They set it up for arguably the biggest game of the year.


Between Cade and him, I would be so stoked to land either


I’d still take Cade over Nimari 10/10 times because he can legitimately be recruited as a point guard or small forward. Can play 1-3 on offense and defense easy and maybe even the 4 depending on lineups because he’s close to 6’7. Cade has played/defended McDonald’s all Americans twice in recent weeks and dominated those matchups (Cole Anthony & Antoine/Lewis). I think he’s a top 5 caliber player. Someone made a interesting comparison of Cunningham to SGA for the LAC. Granted I think the person was a Kentucky based reporter.


I could see a situation where we take both. Seems likely that 2020 ends up a 4 man class.


If we land one 5*, it will be a huge win, but two!?!? Give me that anytime


I think they’re recruiting Jackson as a point all the way. Sounds like we will not offer Terry, and I think that’s because Jackson is targeted for PG.


Could even be five. Teske, Simpson, and Davis will be gone, and I imagine Poole and Iggy will be too.


Michigan wants versatility now more than ever. At just about every position on the floor. If Michigan offers Cunningham and/or Burnett that further supports this notion because Cunningham can play 3 positions on both ends of the floor and Burnett can play 2 positions. Jackson already has the size and ability to play 2 positions as well. If he grows much more he could possibly play 3 positions as well. Jackson is a score first Guard which is why I think he will play a lot of the 2 initially once he comes in if Dejulius becomes the player everyone hopes he will be. I think Michigan is recruiting all these guys as basketball players and then if they came here they can play multiple positions and the staff themselves can determine what position they will get the majority of their minutes at.