2020 Recruiting Notes


Can anyone read this article? Just wondering if there is any mention of Michigan.


No mention. Mentions Kentucky, Auburn, Arizona, UCLA, but says he’s still wide open.



He actually posted it 5 days ago. I’m amazed nobody noticed it until today


This was also posted in early December. Not sure if anyone posted it here.


I guess it’s time to throw this kid’s name into the mix of “serious targets” since Michigan is willing to spend one of its officials on the kid and the kid on us.


Have to imagine if they are burning an official that he will get an offer


You do or don’t think Michigan will/has offered?


My question is who is the next to get an offer? Obviously the kid has to visit but Fletcher or Abdur Rahim or Cunningham? Those three maybe my hopes so any other names?


I would say that all three would probably get an offer if/when they visit.


Am I the only one expecting phenomenal classes in 2019-2020?

Considering the roll we have been on.


More info on Caleb Lohner from Rivals


Not sure if Michigan is on Burnett anymore but he and Prolific Prep are destroying Spire in Dayton, Ohio right now. Burnett has 30 at the end of 3 and Prolific Prep is up by 25+ without 2 starters. Lamelo Ball, Rocket Watts and Isaiah jackson and Spire are going to take their first loss of the year.




Just noticed this over at mgoblog.


I am curious if the staff will stay in on similar sized guards to Zeb like Burnett, Adam Miller, Jayden Stone and Cam Thomas all guards we have been previously mentioned with.

Hard to complain about what JB and the staff are doing but can never have enough guards.


For anyone who has a 247 membership, Brian Snow posted an update on Burnett’s recruitment. He mentions Michigan and his longstanding relationship with Yaklich.


Rivals new rankings:

Too many targets to list them all, but worth noting that Zeb is up 17 spots to #71 and the bigs that we have offered are moving up quickly too


A few notable names:

5 Stars:
4. RJ Hampton
9. Walker Kessler
11. Cade Cunningham
20. Isaiah Jackson

4 Stars:
37. Jabri Abdur-Rahim
39. Caleb Love
41. Nimari Burnett
47. Jalen Terry
49. Jaden Stone
50. Lance Ware
51. Zach Loveday
53. Ben Carlson
54. Cam’Ron Fletcher
55. Ethan Morton
71. Zeb Jackson
87. Micah Peavy
112. Carlos Johnson