2020 Recruiting Notes



From the team that brought you MAAR, introducing … JAR.


It is hard to expect a final four. Anything can happen in a 1 game tournament. I think a reasonable goal is to win the outright regular season Big Ten title for the first time since 2014.

We should also be able to land 3 or 4 top 50 to top 75ish recruits for the 2020 class. Zeb Jackson counts as one. I’d count Bajema as that as well for the 2019 class given his ranking on 247. So, along with Wilson, that would be 3 really nice recruits in the 2019 and 2020 classes. A nice uptick in recruiting I think is also a reasonable expectation and that seems to be occurring as well.



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For those that don’t know of this kid, from what little I’ve seen, he sure looks like he could fit Michigan. I’ve heard he’s pretty fond of warm weather though so we will see. Kids got as pure of a jump shot as you will find though. At the very end there is a post game interview he does about how he’s become such a good shooter. Pretty simple answer but neat still.


Cooper I believe was Offensive player of the year in the EYBL this year. Was one of the top scorers and assists leaders for one of the top teams.


Beautiful jump shot, as you said.


Missed part of AAU for lifeguard school. So, yeah, seems like warm weather is important. Just looks like a kid who will end up at Florida.


The fact that Beilein was down in Texas means something. If they were getting a bad vibe on him there’s no way Beilein would make the trip. Have to think an assistant has been down there as well. First trip isn’t usually done by the head coach.


I don’t think that is a Michigan assistant he is with.

Also, if you go check out his twitter and instagram pages, the vast majority of it is about the ocean and coral reefs and ocean wildlife. Just seems like a tough get because Michigan literally can’t offer the education he wants more than anything. He sure looks like he’d be a good fit though. Some have him listed as a wing, others as a stretch 4. Good size for either and is an elite shooter.


Not a UM b-ball assistant.


Right I just wasn’t being blunt about it. I’m not sure who that is he was sitting with.


He’s also LDS so Byu could be a factor? Definitely not warm weather though


Yeah I’m not sure who exactly is involved with him but I imagine some Big 12, SEC, PAC 12 and ACC schools will like their odds with him. Most his offers are from some of them conferences. I don’t know much about the kid outside seeing some recent film and Beilein being there a couple days ago.


All I meant was that an assistant must’ve went down there to see Lohner before Beilein did (in the fall or earlier in the season).


Really really like him.


Nimari Burnett, a 6’3 Guard at Prolific Prep from Illinois lists Michigan as one of the schools recruiting him. He’s one of the top scorers in the country and someone I’ve watched live and am a big fan of.