2020 Recruiting Notes


Geez! What type of glasses do you wear? I could never have spotted him.

Can you actually distinguish that to be him?


I honestly was about to edit it and say it definitely was him lol. Me posting that above I literally stopped the video and put it on this forum without watching anymore. He was in the video the entire time😂. I only saw Calipari and an assistant and Yaklich there. Might have missed any more in the video.


Clearly Yaklich in the tunnel, with Jalen Wilson’s dad.


Ok, I am making an appointment with my eye doctor. Good find guys


If anyone knows The Who’s-who of the Texas basketball scene, it’d be cool for someone to look through the people courtside and see who yaklich was briefly sitting with and talking to in the tunnel!


Calipari recruiting green or Hampton or both?


Both. Has already offered both I believe.


Rivals named Australian native Jayden Stone the “most skilled” at the Holiday Hoopsgiving event:

Michigan isn’t mentioned. Auburn, Creighton, Iowa State, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt are listed as the schools “showing the most love.” I’m surprised that Michigan hasn’t pursued him more heavily. I’d prefer him to Morton, frankly. There’s probably still time to get involved, as it’s still early for 2020 recruits.


I think he’s too similar to what Zeb Jackson is. So I think they probably aren’t really recruiting him anymore. Morton has size. That’s the thing that goes in his, Cunningham, RJ Hampton and those other bigger guards’ favors. All of them are at least 6’6 now apparently.


New article on Morton. It’s hard to get a read on where he’s leaning. On Michigan:

“The visit was very impressive. The track record coach (John) Beilein has with that program taking them to two national championships and having all the success is impressive. Everything they do is really good.”

On Morton’ decision timeframe:

He’s hoping to have a decision out of the way before his senior season starts, but isn’t ruling out a relatively early decision sometime after his junior season.


I don’t think he’s seripusly considering Michigan personally. Zeb, Jalen Wilson, Cole Bajema and pretty much every kid who commits to Michigan generally talks with a little more detail about visits. He answered that pretty vague and cliched on how a typical visit goes when asked. And frankly I’m ok with him not coming to Michigan because I think/feel there are better options out there. With that being said, if he did commit, I wouldn’t be upset. He’s a good player nonetheless.


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Same with Caleb Love in a recent interview. Only mention of Michigan was that it was his last visit but doesn’t mention as a school recruiting hardest…


Curious to know besides Kessler, Morton and Fletcher where their recruiting attention is focused post-Jackson commitment


Please Cade Cunningham and RJ Hampton


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RJ Hampton is still mentioning us.

A new five star target as well. Seems like the staff is getting after some high level guys. Sure would be cool to get a top wing in the class.


Would be great if we could really spin this season to get an elite class. Seems like our 2020 board is wide open