2020 - Forward - Carlos Johnson (Offer)


Kind of sounds like a Manny Harris type.

Good athlete, ok shot, ok handles, dog, gets it done…


Manny had more lead guard skills. If comparing to a UM player, more Bernard Robinson than anyone else IMO.


Given, I’ve only watched highlights, here are my concerns. He looks stiff athletically. I’m not saying he’s a bad athlete but there doesn’t seem to as much fluidity to his athleticism compared to other high level players that would be 2’s or 3’s. He seems pretty confident handling the ball and as other people were saying his jump shooting as improved. Will he be able to cover those super athletic and explosive 2’s and 3’s in the Big Ten and guys they see in the tournament?


Would be thrilled to get a glue guy like this, especially if the other three 2020 recruits are more hyped for shooting and finesse


Sounds like he’s a poor man’s Draymond Green.


I’m getting a Jarron Cumberland vibe but admit I haven’t watched either player very much.



Wow, wasn’t sure if he would get one or not. Do you think he commits quickly or drags it out for a bit?


This seems like a ‘meh’ offer to a great kid (off the court) who probably wouldn’t play a ton. I think he figures it out and goes elsewhere, unless he’s the running through the doors to play at UM type.


I disagree. I think I’d compare Scooby to Isaiah Livers in that he will find ways to contribute without having to score. More of a wing version because he isn’t quite as tall as Livers. But he has the IQ, toughness and improving skill to be like that.


When I watch, his game seems a lot like Jae Crowder to me.


I see why you would say that but odds are he wouldn’t get much burn early. Livers and johns will still be here soaking up major minutes his first year.

Give him time to develop and I think he will be a great pick up. Looks like a perfect fit for coach bs System.


Didn’t say he was instant impact. Just said he will have a Isaiah Livers type impact on the floor if he was at Michigan.


Highlights from Scooby’s most recent game. He had 34 points in the win.


He’s not going to be a four like Livers and Johns are, anyway.


Disagree, if he comes to um i’ll be pretty surprised if his primary position isn’t 4.


He’s 6-6. I really don’t see that.


Not sure where he’ll play, but I would say the majority of players who have played the four for Michigan under Beilein were probably 6-6 or shorter midway through their junior years.

I’m not sure where exactly Scooby would fit at this point, but I don’t know how you can rule out that he’d play the four (which is really just a wing position).

If you want to make the argument that most people recruit “as fours” eventually end up playing the five… well that’s something else :rofl:


He’s not 6’6 that’s his listed height. At a Nike camp this summer he measured at 6’4.5 with a 6’7.5 wingspan. It’d be really hard to play a kid that short in the Big Ten. Basketball coaches almost always give players a extra inch or more on rosters in AAU and high school. Not sure why because it doesn’t really help when coaches get to a gym and see the kid themselves and realize the heights are botched. Maybe they could play him as a 4 if Michigan has big/athletic 3s and 2s alongside him with a solid sized 5 man. But no way you put him out there for extended minutes at the 4 with a standard sized lineup or a small ball lineup. 6’5 and being a ok not great athlete won’t cut it. And he’s strong but he’s not a tank by any means either. Let me add I think offensively, sure he could play as a 4 because it’s a wing for Michigan but defensively the size would worry me.


From the limited film I have seen of Carlos Johnson he presents a college ready body, seems to be a jack of all trades maybe not a master of any, but seems to know how to play ( good IQ). I like him and he is home grown. I do not see him as a fall back recruit but a good glue guy who may surprise as he progresses.