2020 - Forward - Carlos Johnson (Offer)


In the past few years, though, I think we’ve been trending away from smaller fours. DJ Wilson, obviously, was pretty tall and long, and while Iggy is 6-7 (and probably the shortest we’re willing to go), he’s played decent defense and his size hasn’t really been an issue. (It was for Novak and GR3).

As we move into the 2020 class, I have to think Johns moves back to the four, and Livers will be a senior at that position. I say that because we still have Castleton at center, and we’re recruiting the center position as well in 2020.

I see Johnson as a three. But he may struggle to play early either way, as Jalen Wilson will be a year ahead of him (and also presumably a three), and I had thought Bajema was more likely to be a three, too.

Even if Johns stays at center, it seems like Wilson at the very least is taller and has more length than Johnson, and would be more likely to guard opposing fours.

Ultimately, these are really good problems to have. We seem to have really turned a corner in recruiting. Win and they will come. And I think we’re back competing for the type of guys that we have a great shot with.


Bajema was recruited as a combo, primarily 2.


I was viewing him in the iggy mold. 3/4 type in coach bs system. I kind of see him as bouncing between both personally.

He looks like just the type that would thrive and surprise everybody. Not sure why I forgot about Wilson originally but that makes me feel better about taking him. I could see him and Wilson playing alongside each other well as a soph/ junior.


There is no reason that Carlos Johnson cannot play 4 because of his height. Charles Barkley stands 6’4.5 and played center in college.


I don’t know that we’ve started recruiting taller fours. Novak and GR3 played there out of necessity, not because that was their recruited position.


Seriously, Charles was an outlier. That’s not a good rationale for projecting CJ to the 5.


Who is saying Carlos Johnson will play the five?


It was the Charles Barkley at center reference that mixed me up. In any case, nobody would project a 6’4" guy to defend opposing 4’s. Only in a pinch ala Novak.


Seems like a decent pickup to me in that he’s basically a lock to stay all 4 years and a wing who can rebound and pass just has to be average at other stuff to be useful, and presumably Beilein thinks he can he improve his jumper.

Basically an Eli Brooks for the wing, a guy who we project as a useful bench player as a sophomore and then one of the better bench players in the conference as an upperclassman. Can’t have too many recruits like that, but he’s ranked 108 on 247, that’s basically where you’d expect a rotation bench guy who doesn’t play much as a freshman but then gets time for us to be ranked around.

Also it would make sense for us to look for a bulldog, high character type or 2 to replace Z as a leader, we might feel that squishy intangible toughness stuff in 2020 when Z is gone and our (very early obviously) team of Dejulius(JR)-Bazema(SO)-Wilson(SO)-Livers(SR)-Johns(JR) with Brooks(SR) and Castleton(JR) rounding out the rotation (and maybe a JR Nunez or elite freshman as the 8th guy) has 4 guys at 6’7 or taller starting and everyone at least a passable 3pt shooter but could use some playmaking and toughness. Seems like a good fit for the Jae Crowder/Jaesean Tate undersized forward type, on both ends. If Poole and Iggy are gone by then, we’ll be short on wings, especially with Nunez our lowest ranked guy on the roster.

Most likely outcome is we have 5 spots in the 2020 class with Zeb accounting for one. 4 is possible but even then, this seems like a worthwhile signing along with a wing and then definitely a big since you’d bet against both Johns and Castleton being around and contributing for their senior year once you add up the odds of early draft entry, injury, transfers or just busting out unexpectedly.


My big question is if he can guard wings in college. But, I think his supposed very good passing ability shouldn’t be overlooked as a reason that JB is interested. We have few quality passers on the team and, particularly on the wings, that’s been an area Michigan has been lacking for awhile. Its also crazy to think about given JB’s reputation, but this will likely end up as the 4th time in the last 5 years where offensive efficiency is going to end up ranked around 30th or worse. Tennessee has been interesting to watch this year- its a team of nearly all 3 stars but they can all pass the ball and have great ball movement. That could be an area JB would target for improvement. Anyway, that is just speculation.

Also, Johnson’s recruiting rankings as a lower 4 star are more in line with guys like Poole, Livers, DeJulius and Castleton than guys like Brooks, Watson, Davis or Nunez. Those last four had rankings more typical of players at mid tier colleges and were middling 3 star recruits.



The game highlights will be up in the next half hour. Scooby and Emoni put on a show that people in attendance will remember for a long time.



For you guys that have seen him play, you may be able to critique this even more. But I was watching Scooby’s highlights. Not saying he’s got the grit or moxie, but he kind of reminds me of Zack Novak. I think that’s what he would be for Michigan.

And there’s no bigger fan of Novak than me. So I know this kind of feels sacrilegious to even be saying.



I kinda get what you’re saying, but he’s light years ahead of Novak athletically. I feel like he’s a Jae Crowder or Vince Edwards type of player.


@LosAngelesWolverine1 Weren’t you saying earlier that you disagreed with the notion that he was a small ball four man? Seems like you are coming around on that point with those comparisons.


I mean, I think that’s his body type, but I feel like we’re going bigger at the four and he’ll end up being a three. But maybe not. Two years ago, for example, Vince Edwards could have easily played the three.


Plays with the same disposition as Novak and is undersized for the 4, but that’s the only legit comparison. Suppose they are close to the same size too with Johnson being at best a couple of inches taller.

Novak was a more accomplished outside shooter. Johnson has better take it to the rim and pull-up capabilities. Johnson would also be a better defender.

Small ball 4 in Beilein’s system has to be able to shoot it. That’s not close to what Johnson does well at this juncture. Frankly it would be like playing Mathews at the 4; toughs might allow him to not get embarrassed but eventually he would get worn out.

Johnson is a guy you hope will be developed enough under Beilein to be a 3.


One thing that I really like about him is that he looks real stocky - seems to have a body type that can take it to the rim and absorb contact. Matthews is lanky and gets knocked off balance easily. I feel like Johnson will be able to finish through contact.