2020 - Forward - Carlos Johnson (Offer)


Hmm. One of my UM classmates called me from the game asking was UM recruiting him. Told him “kinda, sorta, but I don’t get the impression that they are pursuing with vigor.”

After watching the video I think I going to recheck some things. I see some improvement in his perimeter play. And now wondering if UM has too.

For those that have watched him this year, was this just a good night or does the film reflect how he has been playing throughout the season?

Anyway, right now UM hopes to add a wing (Morton ?) and a big to the class minimum. That could expand should Poole keep blowing up. In fact UM might be in need of a replacement for Poole next year depending on how the nba takes to his game. If I was a UM fan I’d keep an eye on the mock drafts for 2019.


Based on what the Michigan staff has been doing lately I feel that Michigan is recruiting him pretty hard Beilein has been in to see him 2 or 3 times since the first of December that I’ve known about. If a head coach ever appears at a recruit’s games or school it usually means there is serious interest. Let alone seeing a recruit multiple times within a month. I’m not sure if Michigan will offer simply because it seems as of now they are only recruiting for one more spot and already got 2 offers out to Ethan Morton and Walker Kessler. And serious interest in Jabri Abdur Rahim as well. So perhaps if Michigan gets the idea they won’t land Morton and/or Kessler then perhaps Michigan will offer Johnson. We will see how it unfolds. It seems to be shaping up that Johnson is becoming a priority though.


Webb said on his recruiting roundup this morning that he thought Johnson was moving up UM’s recruiting board. With Davis a fifth year, they’ll definitely have the option for a 3rd spot open for '20, and it seems unlikely that Poole and Iggy will both be around then, providing additional room. Perhaps they’re still wondering what will shake out in the spring with possible NBA defections and additional '19 offers. Maybe Johnson gets an offer soon after that.


Somehow I feel like MSU will offer him. I swear MSU offers kids Michigan target just to maybe day they offered first.


Have they been recruiting him or are they just starting the process?


Up until the last couple months Johnson has received more public interest from MSU. They kind of went silent for a while.



Talking to EGB right now. He says Scooby needs to seriously be in the discussion for top player in the state alongside Jalen Terry. EGB has watched Terry 5 or 6 times this year, and thinks Terry has lived up to his top 50 national status. I watched Scooby in November and would say he’s right. Elite student in classroom and super humble. EGB said in the summer he was sitting by himself working on film at a AAU event and Scooby came over and sat with him and thanked him for filming him and always being kind to him and whatnot. Not many kids who are that humble to go out of their way to thank someone for what they do, let alone a big time high major kid. (I mean big time in he’s revered in his town. A lot of kids in that situation at any level get a air to them.)


Sounds like an incredible fit for our program.

Would love to see him grab an offer.


We will see what happens with 2020. Lots of quality targets


Back in the summer I wasn’t high on Scooby, at least in so far as he fit into our system. But seeing the highlights from this year he’s moving near the top of my 2020 Want list. His shot looks smooth and I know that was a question. The coaches have a lot to sort out roster wise and I don’t envy them there, but I think he could be great on both ends for us.

We already have Zeb and presumably we want a C and a 2-3 type player. It’s easy to imagine us having 4 available scholarships. So Scooby could nab that spot. My only issue is if we take Scooby and Zeb, neither of them are great shooters. In that case I’d want more of a Jordan Poole type player to be the 4th man, rather than a Micah Peavy type.


Is it believed that UM is likely to go to a 4 player class?


According to the scholarship chart, we have 2 guaranteed open spots for 2020 class with Teske and Simpson graduating. One of those spots is taken by Zeb. However, it is assumed that Poole and Iggy won’t last past next season (if they even come back for that). I think it is also unlikely that Austin Davis is brought back for his RS Senior year. So I would assume the staff is operating with that in mind. Class could be up to 5.


Agreed. I’d be surprised if they have fewer than 4 openings for 2020 unless they take another 2019 in the spring if Iggy or Poole leaves.


Zeb Jackson can shoot the ball just fine.

Certainly well enough to add Scooby and another wing depending on scholarship availability.


When we gonna have a pg recruit? Seems to me PG should be priority one, unless Zeb Jackson is a pg.


Zeb was recruited as a PG. I like the size that he brings at the PG position too



BP, since you have seen him live how would you describe his game and fit at Michigan? Assume he would be a 3, is he a legit 6-6? Thanks

Also on the above topic with a PG, I assume Zeb was recruited as one but started wondering when the staff started targeting the Cooper kid from Georgia maybe they would look at some other targets as well.


Well part of the issue is Scooby isn’t 6’6. I’d say he’s probbaly a legit 6’4. He fits the character and student side of things without question. I always thought his jump shot was shaky at best in years past but he’s really improved there. His passing/vision honestly is his best trait in my opinion, and he’s a very good rebounder on both ends as well. He’s a solid defender, I wouldn’t call him great though. Same athleticism wise. Solid but not elite. He’s not a one and done type at all. I also think his handles aren’t great. I attached highlights from his most recent game above that EGB posted today. He has decent moves per say but he lets the ball go too high when he’s dribbling and it just looks a little loose. He also is a winner. Plain and simple. And he just knows how to positively impact games without scoring. He isn’t selfish and doesn’t go hunting for stats to be selfish. He lets the PGs run the offense and is all about the team. One of them “no maintenance” type players.

Overall, I’d say he’d be a pretty good player at Michigan. Probably a 3 or 4 year guy who would be a great representative of the university if he went to Michigan. He fits more of the modern Yaklich/Beilein mold than the pure offense mold that was a typical Michigan player 5 years ago. I’d be ok with Michigan offering him.