2020-21 Roster Speculation

Provided he stays.

Big off season too for Bajema. What sucks is there won’t be a Camp Sanderson for guys that REALLY need it like Bajema, Colin and Franz

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If everything plays out as expected as of 5 minutes ago, we are at the scholarship limit without a grad transfer and up by one with an incoming transfer. A lot of people have suggested Howard won’t use up a scholarship, but everything actually said makes it seem like he expects to get one. If so, it is still hard to predict minutes without knowing who that last guy out is.

I’m a big DDJ fan and I’m going to miss him if he’s gone. Good luck to him in his next stop, if that’s really the case.


I feel the same way. I thought he was on the cusp of becoming a good B1G player. That’s not an easy thing to become, and I have my doubts that any newcomer will be in their first year in the program.

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Eek…the unknown dominos are starting to fall. And I hadn’t even mentioned JC (or transfer guards) in this.

Our floor and ceiling for next season DRASTICALLY rely on landing Christopher, I think that’s more clear than ever.

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Not closing on Christopher would be a real gut punch at this point, no doubt. But Livers isn’t fully out the door, Aiken, etc. etc. Too many moving pieces to react to now.


Your neighbor’s grass is always greener than your own, especially when you’re a 20-year-old male.

it wlll be a real gut punch…

so probably plays out this way lol, would love a quiet or great offseason one of these years

Was 2009 seriously the last non crazy offseason?

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I agree, we still gotta see how this all plays out. Probably the beginning of a lot of things and I mean with most first year coaches you can expect their first offseason to be a hectic one.

When did Manny Harris leave?

  1. Had another year left. I still to this day think we win the Big Ten Tourneyin 2010 if not for that half court shot. Manny was great that day.
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2018 didn’t have any craziness that I remember- Moe left early but everyone expected that. Am I forgetting something?

in case anyone needed a good laugh…


We sweat out Matthews’ NBA decision.

What’s next? They are going to land Blake Lund and he will be an All B1G player?

He sure goes to bat for his people. MattD does it too. Good for them I guess.


Based on how the 1 and the 2 positions are looking for Michigan, I feel like Zeb and Bajema are definitely looking at a lot more possible minutes as of today.

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