2020-21 Roster Speculation

In an effort to keep the individual Recruiting Threads on topic (about the specific player) I’m going to create this thread to house any sort of future rotation, roster composition, whatever else discussion.

Please keep that to this thread and out of the player threads so that we can better keep track of developments for a specific prospect.


No idea what will happen with O’Neal’s recruitment, but I would be pretty surprised if there isn’t “some interesting scholarship rearranging” that happens after the season.


Like, “here’s the door” to Nunez, Davis?


This is Juwan’s first season. Everyone on the roster was recruited by Beilein. Juwan is bringing in a 5+ man recruiting class. I’d expect some transfers that you might expect as far as players you wouldn’t think they would contribute and some who maybe you think would.

Just the nature of the beast in college basketball.


as brian brought up on mgoblog, bajema seeing no time last night may be very telling


The only current players I would say are near-locks to be roster next are; Brooks, Johns and DDJ. I would expect Livers and Franz to return (but honestly, who knows). It would be nice to see Castleton build on the Neb game, but that shouldn’t overshadow how bad he’s been this year. Between him and Davis, you’d think at least one of them would leave.

It will be jarring how different next year’s team looks.

I have Franz as almost my only lock. Brooks is close. If Cristopher comes, could see some painful transfers.


Hopefully Castleton returns, don’t like the thought of not only having one true center on the roster, but one who is a true freshman. Figure best cast scenario is 25 minutes a game of Dickinson, don’t want to rely on a Todd/Johns small ball combo against some of the conferences big men for 15 mpg.

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Part depends upon where Eli is academically. If he could grad transfer then that could be appealing, but if he is a “sit 1, play 1” I don’t know how appealing that is on either end.

I would think a backcourt of Eli/DDJ/Christopher would easily have enough minutes to keep everybody healthy and in their pretty natural roles.

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Brooks is likely the starting PG next year. Why would he leave?


I’m of this position too. If JC comes in, I expect him to make up a larger usage% from Simpson than Brooks at PG.

But what in the world does he give you against B1G bigs? If your worry is having a big body, Davis is the better option.

Castleton played well in limited minutes last game. I still think he has a lot of potential, but he has to get stronger so he doesn’t get pushed around. I hope they don’t lose him because an off-season in the weight room could unlock that potential for his years as an upperclassman.


He played well against the worst team in the conference. We can’t start pretending like he hasn’t been an absolute train wreck the entire season. If we need 5 fouls behind Dickinson & Small Ball, just bring Davis back.

I would take my chances on Castleton being playable than getting another year out of Davis


We also can’t pretend that a player is a finished product as a sophomore, especially when he came to Ann Arbor weighing 200 lbs soaking wet and holding a brick. Big men often take longer to adjust because they are used to being so much bigger than the competition in HS (especially if they didn’t play in one of the premier prep leagues). Teske was awful as a freshman and didn’t play many minutes as a sophomore. DJ Wilson didn’t see the floor until year 3. Call me crazy, but I have hopes that Castleton is a better player as a Junior than he is right now.


Teske was Wagner’s backup as a Soph and pretty good but your point still stands

He was solid, but also played on a F4 roster and only got like 12 mins a game so he wasn’t asked to do too much. I also think that Purdue game in the BTT inflated his value somewhat because everyone remembers that game where he was awesome and a key cog to winning that championship. Otherwise, he only scored double figures 2 other games the whole season and both were against mid majors.

You can debate who is the better option to backup the five this season, but I don’t think there’s any question that Castleton has a higher ceiling remaining as a college basketball player.


This logic can be used to defend any bad player. Could he turn out better, sure. Do we have a real reason to believe he’s going to be any good? I don’t see how anyone can say that with a straight face. Until the Nebraska game Castleton was aggressively bad. He literally got in the way of his teammates and did things you teach a JV high school big not to do.

I would be happy to never seen him or Davis on the court after this year, but for a back up I’ll take the guy who has some ass to him.