2020-21 Roster Speculation

I don’t know if this is the right spot for this question but does anyone know if some version of Camp Sanderson is happening this summer? He hasn’t posted anything on Twitter since May but I would think some form of outdoor workouts (or even indoors) could be happening, unless there’s some NCAA restriction on having it.

In the past, Camp Sanderson referred to people staying for the spring and summer sessions. This year, that obviously didn’t happen.

Michigan has been conducting voluntary workouts for the past couple weeks and also now on-court team workouts for the last week and a half or so.

So, right now players are on campus and working out. There are various limits as far as time on court (small group only) and time with the strength coach, etc.


I wasn’t sure if it happened when the Freshman arrived each year in June. Thanks!

I wonder if he’s been doing things virtually. Obviously not the same…but the world we live in.

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They did some virtual workouts in the spring but the team is on campus right now and working out.

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…looks like some PAC 12 players may enter the transfer portal.

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Maybe, the B1G will probably be postponing the season here shortly.

Yep. I’d expect the same from Big Ten players too if it looks like there could be a SEC or Big 12 season

Don’t think there’s time for football players to transfer. Teams need open spots and most schools down south will be back in school this week.

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen these vids but did you catch the guy (maybe Davis?) in the last group in the last vid that’s amongst the furthest away from the camera that only does the crawl up the hill part? I don’t know if he was cheating or only instructed to do that part. If it’s Austin, maybe he’s going easy on the shoulder? He caught my eye because he’s the first one up. If he was cheating, that’s pretty funny.

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Regarding scholarship numbers… it’s important to remember both Howard boys could potentially be “walk-ons”, that opens up additional spots…

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Can you move to a walk/on status after being a scholarship player? I had it in my mind that you couldn’t

Feel like I remember Doug McDermott giving his scholarship up in his last season at Creighton to accommodate a scholarship for a walk-on who worked his way into the rotation.

Edit: Grant Gibbs was granted a sixth year and McDermott gave up his scholarship to make room.


If Howard can get the most likely commitments, this would be the core. None of them have played, but hard not to be excited.

Frankie Collins, Dug McDaniel

Zeb Jackson, Kobe Bufkin, Jett Howard

Isiah Barnes

Terrance Williams, Jace Howard, Will Tschetter

Hunter Dickinson, Efton Reid

A couple of things…

  • Dylan has said many times that Zeb isn’t a combo guard, he’s just a PG.
  • Hard enough to look one season ahead so not sure it is worth trying to look two seasons ahead.
  • We will need a #3 center at some point, though maybe Johns could keep doing it or maybe Tschetter can fill in if we need it.
  • The true wing role is looking a bit vacant besides Bufkin and maybe Barnes.
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Football has a rule that’s somewhat related, but it’s aimed at schools trying to circumvent class size limits. There’s probably no need to have it apply to other sports.

Maybe “Scoring PG” fits Zeb better.

I don’t think anyone knows what someone who hasn’t played a minute of college basketball or even had an official practice “is” or “isn’t” yet.

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Why do we care about recruiting then?