2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)


OK, fine. Charles Mathews.

And I didn’t say that Holtmann can’t…I’m just saying he hasn’t with Carton. I even used the words “until” and “if” as opposed to ones like “unless” or “when” that would indicate skepticism.


If Poole leaves, our situation will appeal to Quiones. If Iggy leaves, go after Wagner. If both returns, we have every position well filled and pre-season top 5.


Agreed, but I’m holding out hope. They have the potential.


I just think it’s a better fit for him if he’s trying to bounce quickly. I certainly don’t doubt where he’d improve more imo, but it’s a good fit for him as much as I don’t like it.



Will Wade caught on a wiretap discussing making offers to a recruit with Christian Dawkins.


To a recruit rated similarly to Quinones. Would love to see how well Beilein could recruit with a level playing field.


If Wade was at Michigan, he’d be gone.


ESPN has a new article with more bad news for LSU.

In a different telephone call with Dawkins, Wade joked that the player would be compensated more than the “rookie minimum.”

Wade told Dawkins that he had made deals for “as good of players as him” that were “a lot simpler than this.”



scums like Wade should get lifetime ban from coaching at an NCAA school.


Will Wade suspended indefinitely. Can’t imagine he will survive this so I’d have to think this removes LSU from considering for Quinones.


Who’s been named the interim coach? If it’s the same as the coach who has been the lead recruiter for Quinones, then I wouldn’t write LSU off too soon.


Wow. If you’re right, then game over. No bonus points for ethics.


Honestly you knew they were cheating but they were a dark horse team to win it all or at least go very deep on my list, that team was very impressive whenever I watched them,


Apparently Quinones is talking to Florida as well. So his original top-seven (LSU, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio State, Indiana, Memphis, Georgia) is just a bit expanded. Not sure if it hinged on the LSU scandal.


Seems like a kid in love with the process. That and the fact that LSU and Maryland(two schools very willing to bend the rules) are supposedly his top 2 does not give me confidence.




I don’t know what will happen with Lester but when it comes to Memphis, do we feel like Penny is awakening a sleeping beast legit or do we think he’s not playing fair?


I mean, he did star in Blue Chips. Memphis has been a repeat offender for 30 years, and I’ll bet Penny was taken care of when he went there. Have a feeling he knows how to get the guys he needs.


In-home now for Penny and Memphis with Lester. They’ve gotta be favorites, no? Especially with LSU sorta looking like a ‘do not touch’ with the FBI speculation.