2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)


We’ll see but they aren’t close to UM and MSU next year… maybe too 4-5 in B1G. Perhaps in ‘20 if they don’t lose anyone


It’ll depend on how ready Carton is to play a major role. Other than K Wesson, nobody is generating offense for anyone but themselves. They’ll be good defensively but their offense is gonna be rough again. I think they’re a bubble team and Wesson’s senior gear they take a big step


I wasn’t overly impressed by Mohammed this year, personally.

In two years, if Carton is there, they should have a very good team. Next year, no way they’re ready to compete with UM/MSU.



Daniels says LSU and Maryland are out in front


I think carton is going to be a solid player from the rip. Honestly I really like that team next year. They will def not be a bubble team barring major injury.

Id be willing wager with anyone they end next season in the top 20.

They’ll have some great depth and Wesson is a real problem down low. Ahrens/ washintong will be nice players as soph, young will be a nice four as an upperclassmen , Carlton will at worst imo be a nice frosh who can get the job done.

Call me crazy if you want but they will compete for a big ten title. Carton made the right choice as sad as it is to say. He will be given the keys to play 30 a night which he wouldn’t get here on a team that should be very good imo. He’s exactly what they needed and it’s a great fit for him, which sucks for us.


It’s possible Ohio State could be good next year. I also think it’s possible Wesson and Carton becomes next year’s version of Juwan Morgan and Romeo Langford. The surrounding pieces do not impress me much at all. I also don’t blame Carton for making that decision, he’s going to be the guy from day one. But I will continue to laugh hysterically at the concept of a coaching staff from a bubble team pitching an instant big ten title to a recruit when John Beilein and Tom Izzo return their starting PGs next season.


I think Quinones is still a bit off as a hope to bring in for Michigan, but it they pull him and Franz late if attrition takes two others not named Charles, that’s a heck of a late-signing period in 2019.


Yea, it’s bold but holtman has to sell the vision and situation. We were the supposed favorites so he had to sell the better situation and instant minutes. I could see why holtmann and his staff could feel they were an elite playmaker at the point away from being a contender.

I won’t derail the thread any further But one final paragraph. I see why you and others wouldn’t have a lot of faith in the secondary guys but they have a good coach and they have talent. Ahrens, Washington, Muhammad, and young have talent. Can holtmann get them to realize it? I think he will. I expect very nice Balance and depth there next year.

They also add gaffney and Liddell. That program is going to be a thorn in our side soon imo. As you guys pointed out though carton is key. If he is an instant hit than watch out.


I’d we lose Poole or iggy, or both I expect us to have a very good shot of landing quinones.


I think we’ll have to go on one hell of a run over the next month to lose either of them.


Interesting that Maryland is a presumed leader if Quinones wants immediate playing time.

Maryland will return Aaron Wiggins, Eric Ayala and Darryl Morsell at the 2/3 spots, all sophomores or younger playing 24 minutes a game or more this year with no shot at going pro. Cowan returns too, so it’s not like there’s a huge hole needing to be filled in the rotation.

From a quick glance, LSU has a similar returnee situation at the guard spots.

If he waits to see who goes pro, I gotta think Michigan would be a better situation if Poole or Iggy leave.


Not sure why anyone would go to LSU with Will Wade being subpoenaed in a Federal trial. And his “aww shucks who me?” crap is so transparent. You went from VCU, basically on Smart’s coattails, to LSU, where no one had won in years and years and suddenly you’re pulling in top guys. I don’t buy it.


You’re not sure why a player would choose to play for a coach who pays players? Your idealism is very refreshing.


Heh, well yeah, that’s an obvious reason. I just don’t like Will Wade and his BS. I hope he, Miller, and Self (yeah right) get shit-canned (among others). Hey, I can dream.


LSU is a known payer as evidenced by their HC being subpoenaed. Doesn’t bode well for our chances IMO.


Hard to say it’s the right choice for him until he fulfills his potential and makes the league. If he doesn’t develop there like he would have here, was it the right choice for him?


Yes. Whatever choice he made is the right choice, because all that matters is where he wants to go


I mean, I’m not trying to say I know better than he does what’s better for him, but I also can’t agree that just because he chose it, he’s “right”. Do you think Derryck Thornton thinks he made the “right” choice for himself initially?


I think his two years have suggested that Duke was not the problem with Thornton’s development.

I also think there is little in Holtmann’s bio that would suggest he can’t develop Carton.