2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)

I also understand that Lester retweeted something about the game from a Michigan account while AT Maryland.

Yeah, he did, but he’s also retweeted tweets from other school accounts (including Maryland’s after their win over OSU) in the past. We probably shouldn’t read much into that.

I wonder how much interest he would have if Poole were to return for his junior year. And would we still be interested (provided that a scholarship opened up)? I think he’s good enough that we should probably take him unless we get a commit from a 2020 SG first, which seems unlikely. It might be a bit crowded with Bajema in the class as well, but Bajema’s positional versatility allows for the possibility. Of course, then the 4 would get crowded with Livers, Johns, and Wilson. It’d be a good problem to have though. Next year’s roster would be stacked, eliminating our depth problems.

I also wonder if we’ll pursue Wagner if both Poole and Brazdeikis stick around. Like Quiones, I’m not sure that our depth chart would be very appealing to him.


Well said, David.

I think Quinones wants to play right away, so if Poole left our situation would seem to be very appealing to him. If Poole stays but Iggy leaves there wouldn’t be as much of an opportunity but I think a case can made that, if he earned it, he would get opportunities when Poole slides up to the three as sometimes does.

Quinones was the kid I wanted before we took Bajema. Of course Bajema blew up as we were recruiting him and after he committed. I don’t know if he’ll be college ready right away though, and I do agree with your “positional versatility” assessment.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

If I remember correctly Lester stated in his last interview he wants to go somewhere and play big minutes right away. That doesn’t bode well for Michigan in my opinion Beilein is never going to guarantee minutes and recruits that want guaranteed minutes like Carlton earlier in this cycle wanted generally end up elsewhere.

I agree. And if playing big minutes right away without having to compete for those minutes everyday in practice and wanting a “promise” of immediate playing time is what he wants, he’s probably better off elsewhere.

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Can’t blame any kid for wanting to play right away, but to expect it without having to earn it, signals a problem attitude to me.

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I haven’t seen anywhere that Quinones wants a promise. When a recruit says they want to play big minutes early, what they want is a clear path to playing time. He has that at Michigan. Charles is almost 100% gone. A starting position is open. He would have to compete with a combination of Nunez, Livers, Bajema, DDJ, Wilson, Brooks and Johns for that spot. I know those players are all over the board in terms of position, but there’s a ton of positional/lineup versatility on our roster next year.

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Someone will promise him PT if that’s what he wants to hear.


And even if someone does, I would imagine recruits understand that he has to play well to get that playing time. Even if its handed out at the beginning, gotta earn it as time goes on.

I don’t think many coaches guarantee minutes to recruits. They sell them on the opportunity based on depth chart and their track record. Beilein can point to numerous freshmen starters he’s had at Michigan, not just the can’t miss 5 stars. Depth chart is more of a wait and see proposition and isn’t that why Quinones wants to decide so late?

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Maybe, but some coaches do promise that you’ll “win Big Ten Freshman of the Year, a conference championship and make the Sweet 16 in year one.”


Holtoman’s sales pitch to DJ Carton. Can someone pull up the quote about Holtmann’s supposed 3 year plan?

Quinones would be a great addition to the team. Considering Coach B’s adoption of ‘position-less’ basketball, he could potentially come off the bench as a freshman and play anywhere from 2 - 4…depending on the lineup. He wouldn’t be out there guarding a Jalen Smith, but could match-up with any of the other freshman wings Maryland had out there.

Can’t wait to watch DJ Carton, Duane Washington Jr, Luther Muhammad and Kyle Young win a runaway conference title next year.


Year 1: B1G Freshman of the Year, Sweet 16
Year 2: B1G First Team, Final Four
Year 3: Stick around a year too long and slightly hurt your draft stock, causing rival trolls to claim you only stayed to “repay” your coach. Oh wait–that’s some other program.


Wesson’s back right? Honestly Ohio st could be very good next year imo.

Both Wesson brothers are back. Andre will be a senior and Kaleb a junior.

Carton is afraid of Zavier.