2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)

I think that you will sooner see Brooks at the 2 than Wilson next year starting. I like Wilson a lot and you could convince of one of the wing spots but he is not going to come in and initiate offense be able to handle the ball adequately as a 2. I would be extremely pleased to proven wrong on this

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Per Torvik, this year’s team has been worse than last year’s team was once they hit their stride in February. This team can still get better (make your damn threes!), but that team was making a lot more shots and wasn’t much worse defensively.


Don’t really see Jalen Wilson playing the two. He’ a 3/4 combo all the way for me.


Did I say that?

It sucks that all the shots were missed, but I thought the offense ran as well as it has all year (meaning 2019) on Saturday. Hopefully we can continue that while ticking the percentage up because I took it as a good sign for the future.

You quoted my part about if Michigan wins a natty, id be ok with them guys possibly leaving and you replied by saying I had pretty high standards. If that’s not what you meant then I don’t really follow what you were saying.

Yep. Quinones is probably a must land if Poole leaves. I’m doubtful that Cole is ready to play big minutes.


And against a good defense.

Doesn’t seem that complicated. You said you would only be okay with it if we win it all. Not good enough if we win the Big Ten, or final four or make the championship game. We have to win it all. That is a high standard. I didn’t say we weren’t good enough to do it.

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If Jordan leaves, Quinones is a very important get, and frankly, that’s still true of Iggy stays. If Poole stays and Iggy leaves, Quinones could still get significant minutes, but would it be enough for him. Boy I would hope so. Just look at the development of Jordan Poole, from an important role player last year to an emerging star this year.

Wasn’t literally meaning only a Natty. But that’s the ultimate goal for all college players and fans right? Winning the Championship? Never said the Big Ten wasn’t enough or it was natty or bust. But wasn’t setting just winning the BIG as being the ultimate goal. Michigan fans give MSU fans and Izzo lots of flak for his team winning a Big Ten regular season and sending multiple first rounders to the league then not advancing further. It’s like NBA players saying they aim for a NBA title every year, or a high school kid always saying the goal is to win a state title. You aim for the highest goal. You never set low goals.

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I was watching the clips with Quinones this year and it doesn’t look like John Mahoney is coaching him. I checked out the IMG website and he isn’t listed any more. Have to think that hurts UM’s chances a bit.

I would love to get Quinones. I am one who believes this team, especially next year, is in need of outside shooting. That certainly is the primary reason why Quinones is important to us, right? Doesn’t this also mean that Beverly could fit our needs? Or has that ship sailed?

I think his timeline doesn’t match up with when we’ll know if we have a scholarship or not. He might also not really be all that interested in us because we haven’t had him as a priority most of the process so I couldn’t blame him if he wasn’t truly considering us anymore.

Gotta think that if Poole and Iggy both went pro and Quinones still hasn’t made a decision yet that it would be hard to beat the situation Michigan could offer him

I don’t see Beverly happening. I’m not sure he’s the perfect fit as a JP replacement and because he’s local it is tough to come back from slow playing someone for this long.

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All sorts of situations can come up late in the game though… I don’t know enough about what is really driving Quinones decision right now. In terms of sheer on the court opportunity, it would be pretty enticing.

Hopefully Michigan can play well while he’s at the Maryland game and sort of count this game as a bonus to his possible visit

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Perfect-- Quinones watches Michigan play today and later this week Coach Beilein, reportedly, will scout Quinones and IMG down in Florida

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Hopefully Lester enjoyed that BIG Michigan victory, and that he can see how great he’d look in Maize and Blue and how he’d fit in our program!

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