2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)

You guys clearly aren’t up to speed on the kids today. It’s all there. See in the pic his head is looking to his right. So the school he wants is on that side. Then look at his left hand, it’s level with us and Florida. Indicating those are the two he’s considering. The look at his right hand, it’s all the way down… meaning he’s “down” with the school on HIS FAR RIGHT. That’s us! So obvious. Go Blue!


When you describe it like that it is so obvious. Thanks for clarifying that and now i can look forward to seeing him in Michigan uniform in a couple years

And I was really looking forward to going out on the road to sell the kid on Michigan! Darn it, now I won’t get the chance! :cry::smiley:

USA Today on Quinones:

Quinones made waves on Friday when he scored 37 points in New Heights’ 74-53 win over Team Rio. He was already a nationally known, top-100 guy. But the way he picked apart a team that boasts several five-star prospects was perhaps the biggest performance of the week. The 6-5 shooting guard picked up an Arizona offer on Sunday. He holds plenty of high-major offers, including from UConn and Xavier, but Kentucky and Duke were courtside for his 37-point game.

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He mentions Michigan being a possible place to visit. Then in this article by Stock Risers he says he is going to visit Michigan. These both came out in the last two days so I’m confused by the mixed messages but I’m assuming he is visiting. He’d be an excellent late addition. Michigan needs shooting/scoring. and he definitely provides that. Highlights from last weekend: http://bit.ly/2WCpDt6


Provided that we lose Matthews and a deep bench player (read not significant to this years team) at the end of the year and are able to pick up Quinones. Do you believe that he or Wilson would be a more significant piece to enhancing our offense next year?

Something about carts and horses…

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Ok fine. Given our current recruiting class 1) what does he provide for the class that is unique and why would we maintain recruiting him 2) what role would see a player like him on offense - strictly shooter, wolf, initiator of the offense 3) does it seem like he could be a year 1 contributor given what we know about our roster

Is that less cart and horse?

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Both. Quinones is a 2. It’s possible Michigan is looking at him as a potential replacement for Poole too. He’s been trending up largely and could be a first rounder. If not him, Perhaps a bench player will leave. I’m assuming the staff is expecting someone else to leave besides Matthews now or Beilein wouldn’t be turning it up on Quinones and supposedly pushing him hard to get him on a visit.

If Quinones came in he’d have a pretty solid chunk of minutes as a 2 or 3 regardless of who leaves. He’s a great shooter and scorer in general. He’d be useful this year off the bench to be frank. He and Wilson both should provide much needed scoring off the bench. Neither are elite athletes but Quinones is a little bit better athletically I’d say. Just depends on who else leaves and what position to determine who I think would have a bigger possible role. If Eli Brooks surprises people and leaves, or Poole does I think Quinones would be in line for a ton of minutes. If Brazdeikis leaves, expect Wilson to have an even bigger role coming in. Quinones would be a home run pickup in my opinion. He’s always been a great shooter and this team needs that now as it is. Let alone next year if we possibly lose Brazdeikis or Poole. Hopefully Michigan can bring him in while hanging on to Poole. But from reading recent interviews of Quinones, he sounds like he expects to play a lot wherever he decides to go. So I am a bit skeptical Michigan can land him unless Brazdeikis or Poole were to leave. Mainly Poole.


Awesome! Thank you for that perspective. I was having a hard time getting a handle on his recruitment to Michigan

Wow! I appreciate this, too. Frankly, it’s what I was thinking but you put it really, really well. If Poole leaves we need a Quinones. We just do. If Iggy leaves and Poole stays, Quinones would still, potentially, get a lot of minutes at the two backing up Poole and even playing with Poole when Poole played some backup minutes at the three. Frankly, I don’t think we get him unless Poole or Iggy leaves. If Eli would leave, and I NEVER speculate on kids transferring, but if somehow he did, there might be enough minutes for Quinones as well. But I don’t think he’s coming here to compete for six to eight minutes a game. Not really.

Edit: By the way, before we got Cole Bajema, this is the kid I wanted. Before anyone says anything, I think Bajema is going to be really good!

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The quote about Michigan:

“Coach Yaklich has been recruiting me for a good amount of time and now Coach Beilein has started to text and call me. We run a similar offense at IMG to what they run at Michigan and I really like it. They are one of the best teams in the country and it’s looking like they will have some guys leave for the NBA from there. Getting to play a lot of minutes there at a program like Michigan is a great opportunity.”

Sounds like Michigan might lose Poole and/or Iggy after all to go with Matthews.

If we are going to lose one of Iggy or Poole, we really need to land a guy like Quinones to help pick up the slack right away. I’m guessing as of now that Poole is the more likely of the two to leave but I could honestly see Iggy leaving if he even has a moderate chance or making the first round because of his age. I said awhile ago if Michigan has a strong end to the year, we could lose all 3 of our starting wings. If it means a National title I’m perfectly fine with it but hopefully Michigan can land a guy of Quinones quality.


You have pretty high standards.

The 2 position will be incredibly interesting if Poole leaves. We’re looking at, what, Brooks, Nunez, or a freshman? Is Zeb a candidate?

You don’t think Michigan has a shot at winning the national title this year, when they are probably a more complete team than last year? It generally comes down to lots of luck with the draw of teams but Michigan can beat anyone on their day if shots fall.

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I think if Poole, Iggy and CM all leave, Jalen Wilson could play the 2 next year with Livers and Johns at the 3/4. Not ideal, but I think all three of them are versatile enough to play a spot smaller than their preferred natural position

And Zeb Jackson is a year after Bajema and Wilson correct. I often confuse what year Jackson arrives. His game is quite advanced.

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Didn’t even think about Wilson there, but you’re right-- it could work.

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Oof yeah, ignore that part about Jackson.

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Pulled together some senior year film, senior year stats (and shot chart) along with thoughts on his potential fit.