2019 - Wing - Lester Quinones (Target)

A lot of y’all about two versus three lately. Curious what you think that means in this context. What makes a prospect a two or a three in Michigan’s system.

At least in years past the two (MAAR/Nik) handled the ball a lot more than the three, who starts in the corner alot.


Yeah I assume people just want a second ball handler on the court.

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Many years ago, when I coached a double low post offense, my two and my three played a similar role on offense, though the two man DID handle the ball more, as romeowolv suggests below. They were both wing type players. When I transitioned to a single low post offense, the three and the four had more similar roles with the two playing more of an “off guard” type role and, of course, handling the ball more than the three.

Usually when folks talk of Coach B’s offense they often say, when discussing the three and four positions, “the three and the four are interchangeable, just on opposite sides of the floor.” So, are you suggesting that the two and the three are “interchangeable,” as well. If that is the case, why is it so difficult, allegedly, for a freshman to learn both the two and the three? I’m not being contentious, just asking for your take.

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No. I have my own opinions on what would make a good two or three, and understand the different roles in the offense, but seems like they don’t always line up with what I see when I watch different kids on film and what people think. That’s why I was curious what you guys look for.

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Personally I’m speaking only in defensive terms. “You are who you guard”

So, that begs the question, do you see Quinones as a two or as a three, in Coach B’s offense? How about Bajema? Again, I love reading your “takes” on these things. I don’t analyze much anymore. I just love watching Michigan basketball and a Beilein coached offense, especially when it’s “clicking.” You are an excellent analyst, and we all appreciate your perspective!

Yeah I actually think Bajema has better handles based on the video I’ve seen, but I think LQ can defend the 2 better… not sure if Bajema has the quickness/athleticism to guard a 2 guard

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This works to a degree, but I almost look at it as two different buckets. The guy who defends the two doesn’t necessarily play the two on offense.

For example, Charles Matthews will probably guard more twos this year than Jordan Poole. Poole will probably play the two on offense though.

The two on offense is more of a secondary playmaker spot. Someone who hypothetically could play the PG in a pinch. You want someone who can operate out of ball screens, hit open shots and handle against pressure in a pinch. As a HS prospect, you want to look for someone who shows some signs of that ability to create shots.

The three can be a bit of a mixed bag, but you think about more of a spot up, attack closeouts, straight line driver. A lot of guys who have excelled here at Michigan are really comfortable out of the side ball screen (ala Manny Harris, Charles Matthews) but these are more slashing players.

I need to watch more Quinones film, planning on doing a video breakdown this week, but will round back on this topic. Just find it very interesting to see what you guys consider here.


Agreed. I’m assuming that’s what Iggy means when he says he wants to play the 2, as of course he could never guard opposing 2s consistently.

Question for you then:
Over the course of JB’s tenure, we’ve had teams that had high usage players that used ball screens at the 1, 2 and 3. What makes Manny Harris or Caris Levert a 3 on offense, but MAAR a 2? I know the general idea that the 1 and 2 are more or less the same in JB’s offense, and the 3 and 4 are more or less the same, but I’m curious on some of the finer points.

Guys that play the three are going to be involved in more side ball screens and dribble hand offs. Stuff that looks like this:

You saw a lot of that from Charles Matthews this year. The sets where 1s and 2s get involved in the PNR game are going to be more high ball screen than side ball screen. You also run less set offense for them in terms of pindowns, etc. because they are facilitating more.

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Michigan needs to get LQ on a visit. I’d love to see offers extended to LQ, Bajema and Beverly.

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Oh no…

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Agree, need to get him on campus.

Poole began the season at the 3 this year then eventually played some 2.

I think LQ could do the same but need to see more tape.

He’s getting some major interest recently. Zone/OSU/LSU/UM

I like Cole’s game a lot. I like his ceiling two years down the line.

It’s official, we are totally going to land this guy! How could we not with this list!


30 schools… jeez

Don’t ask. @silverblue will go school-by-school making the case for Michigan over each of them…:wink:


Haha! :blush: The truth is I’m hoping for a job as a volunteer recruiting assistant on Coach B’s staff! Not that he and Saddi, Yak, or Dre need any help from a little “old” gentleman like me! :slight_smile: