2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)


While Beilein is loading up PGs, there is no 2Gs on the roster except Poole and I don’t see Nunez ending up there at least before his junior year. So I believe that what Beilein has in mind is to play 2 PGs together.


seems pretty clear.


If 2 PGs is Beilein’s plan that would obviously change the plan going forward and what might happen with roster attrition. That being said I don’t know if I would agree. He’s never played a ton of 2 PG lineups in the past. The only recent Beilein team that played 2 PGs significantly was 2014-2015 with Jr Spike and So Walton, and even then Walton was hurt half the year. The year prior their combined minutes for most was games was around 40 min, meaning if one was on the court generally the other was off.

I don’t see what would cause Beilein to all of a sudden switch to a 2 PG lineup, especially when the trend now is position-less basketball. Loading up on an extreme like the 1 defies that trend. We may see slightly more of that this year alone because of roster composition but it probably won’t be much and will be an outlier. Some of the major targets right now in Maxey, Watts and Girard are all guards that fit into the 2 role.

I also see Nunez as a definite 2. He’s the same size as THJ/ and Stauskas/LeVert who have all been the 2 in recent years. As a freshman he can play the 2 and be freshman Stauskas/Irvin and just shoot, which seems to fit a shooting guard well.


Not sure JB is looking to play two point guards but he seems to be focusing on combo guards who have more versatility such as Carton, Watts, Maxey.


Dude, what I said was that in order to take 3 in 2019 we would have to lose someone off the current roster in addition to Matthews and that I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN.
I didn’t say it wouldn’t happen or that it was unlikely to happen, just that I hoped it didn’t happen.
My reply to you was about calling out players by name that might transfer because YOU think that they might. We all know that there has been attrition every year lately and so you can expect that there will continue to be more. What I don’t like is when fans start speculating by name on a public forum. Last year we were one over the limit and some fans were speculating that Davis would transfer. He had to hear that all season and finally came out and said that he is at his dream school and has no thoughts on leaving. Just because a player isn’t starting or playing heavy minutes, doesn’t mean that he is going to transfer.


Well aware of the likelihood for attrition. Just don’t like seeing specific players mentioned.


You know I’m right there with you on this, Champions!


Seriously, it should be a ground rule on here not to undermine current players by speculating on them transferring by name. Such posts should be summarily deleted. It’s just bad form.


20+ years back Beilein played two PGs. We haven’t seen it regularly at UM, but he’s continued to sell recruits on this because either guard can initiate the offense and with the addition of the ball screen, that can come from the 1, 2, or 3.
Remember that even though no one called Caris or Stauskas a PG while UM both had chatter about playing PG. It’s a 2 guard offense.


Yeah, the point about 2 point guards is that the 1 and the 2 are basically the same position. Obviously one guy takes the ball up the floor, but we’ve seen different versions of players at the 1 and the 2.

Someone like Derrick started his career as a PG while mostly playing off the ball in the offense and shooting on catch and shoot. LeVert and Nik played the two but basically ran the offense.

I think as long as the 2nd guard has a bit of size and can get to the rack and create offense, there’s room for another guard. Michigan desperately needs guys who can do something with the ball in their hands in the backcourt.


Lighten up Francis. It is a sports forum. It also has zero affect on the players. No one is rooting for players to leave. But it happens and it’s fair game to wonder about roster composition going forward IMO.


You made a good point, Beilein has always talked about playing two PGs together whenever he has two or more PGs. I can see DD and Carlton on court together, both can score and run offense. I expect next season either Brooks or DD will play some non-negligible minutes as 2.

On the other hand, Beilein started his career playing two guard offense largely because he had no true PGs.



Announcing his final 6 tomorrow.


And with a Michigan visit this weekend, were in amazing shape for this kid. Beautiful weather on its way, too.

Imo, Keion Brooks isn’t coming. Wilson is now my top wing prospect.


Officially down to six. May or may have had my heart skip a beat when I missed us in the bottom left in my first look at the picture.

2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)

Based on what he’s been saying to the recruiting sites, Carolina was the one I was most concerned about. Not having them listed is a big development, in my uneducated opinion. Hopefully we can knock it out of the park this weekend.


Yeah, I was thinking they’d be the top competitor based off of interviews, I’m guessing they cooled because he talked about them a lot. Very good for us IMO.


Does he have a decision timeframe?