2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (De-Commit)

I love this kid. Lets land Carton and then seal the deal with wilson and leave one spot for a wing. Wilson is kind of a wing but more a four. I’d love to see carton, wilson and then brooks/weems/williamson. Id prefer brooks, but hell if we can make leeway with weems his style might fit best with the other two. He’d be the raw athlete with solid skill to pair with two solid athletes who are very skilled. Two great offensive players and then a great defender/slasher/re bounder in the form of a bigger matthews. It would be a great trio.

Id still prefer brooks though. Kid is a well rounded monster. IF we got carton, wilson, and brooks id be very excited. Those three paired with the five we brought in for 18 would pretty much have us locked in as title contenders for the next three years.

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Carton, Wilson, Brooks would be JB’s best class ever IMO

Webb says um coaches feel they are stronger with Wilson than carton(they feel they have a slight lead for him). Would be nice to get these 2 locked up in May when they visit.


Is this as of today?

From today or yesterday, I saw it on mgoblog

Weems isn’t coming to Michigan. It’ll be MSU or out of state and I’d heavily lean towards out of state.

Having said that, if it were between them, I go Wilson. Keion Brooks over both for me, but Wilson is my 1A wing prospect.


Definitely a fan of Wilson. He’s got a nice shot and in one of the highlight videos showed a really good handle for a 6’7” player. Had some definite guard skills.

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Why isn’t Weems coming to Michigan?

I’d be thrilled with Carton and Wilson. Really hope we land them both. I’d like to hear more on the recruitment of Brooks. I’d love a three man class somehow of that trio.

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That would mean we lose someone off the current team besides Matthews. I’m not sure I want to see that happen.

Theres just not a great shot at that kid. Plus, with other wing options favoring Michigan with priority why waste our time?

We wont just stop recruiting him, but I dont see Weems at UM. Just my opinion.

I feel like there’s a decent chance we see that happen. Either from Poole blowing up and going pro or some regular roster attrition, especially at the PG spot (Brooks?).

We are one month past the end of the season and you are already starting the next year transfer speculation? Couldn’t you at least wait until mid season to see how things are playing out?


Speculating where attrition comes from sure, but I don’t think it is crazy to see the 2019 class ending up with 3 players in the end even if the current target looks like 2. Just my 2 cents.


Just to lend credence to that, how many years in a row have we had a transfer from our program? I dont advocate for speculation for which players transfer, but it isnt an unreasonable assumption that one nameless player will leave


Hopefully there are a lot of late deciders we are in on. If I remember correctly, you can only be oversigned by one. So we literally can’t accept a 3rd commitment until after the season.

5 years in a row we’ve had a player transfer

2018: Ibi
2017: Dakich, Donnal
2016: Chatman, Doyle, Aubrey, Spike
2015: Bielfeldt
2014: Horford


And 4 of the last 6 we’ve had a player leave early for the draft

2018: Wagner
2017: Wilson
2014: Stauskas, Robinson & McGary
2013: Hardaway & Burke


Splitting hairs, but I think that the inclusion of Dakich should include an asterisk since his situation had zero impact on our scholarship situation. No one cares that Brent the Barber is transferring for the same reason.


Dude your initial post I replied to literally mentioned the idea of someone leaving the roster. And as everyone else has said, including Dylan, we’ve had attrition from the roster every year for the past 4 or so years.

Sure saying Brooks is a guess where there’s a high chance he ends up staying. There’s an entire year to play and we know how 2nd year PGs develop under Beilein. But considering we’re going heavy after Carton, a PG, if he comes we’d have 4 PGs on next years roster. Even with 3 that’s a likely spot for attrition, with 4 almost definite.

Once again saying Brooks is a guess and very well likely could be wrong. But he doesn’t offer a lot of positional flexibility, not big enough to he a wing or even a 2 so the best you can do with him is run 2 PG sets. He was the most lightly recruited PG on the roster. He would be 2 years in and didn’t play much or look good this past year. With Simpson being a junior it seems like the best Brooks could do now is start his senior year but that’s assuming someone else doesn’t pass him.

Maybe Brooks blows up this year and starts over Z. But you brought up the idea of someone leaving the roster, and I put forward Brooks. Sure it’s a guess, but it’s a fairly logical conclusion.