2019 - Wing - Franz Wagner (INTL/Target)


Yet he’s only played 5 so far and is a little shorter (listed at 6’8" so I’d guess he’s 6’7" without shoes right now). He’ll probably primarily be a 4 next year, but I would bet that Johns ends up spending a lot of time at the 5 post-Teske as well.

And it seems that Franz is probably gonna grow another inch or two since it looks like he’s exploding through a growth spurt like Mo did.

We ALSO viewed Mo as a wing when we were recruiting him. I feel like I’ve learned my lesson on that, lol.


Did we? I don’t remember it that way but that was a while ago.


Yeah. Just checked to confirm. All of our talk on the forums viewed him as a PF.

Euro scouting report here describes him as a SF

And here’s a quote post-commitment:


Yeah I guess we talked about him as a stretch four. I never even really thought of Franz as a stretch four until this conversation :slight_smile:


I do remember people thinking he’d be a 4 when we were recruiting him. Although while Dylan describes him as a skilled 4 man, he also described his game to a T. Mo had the skills to be a 4 imo, just too slow and nonathletic.

DJ would have real quick guards get by him but he at least had the agility to contest. To me Franz seems like a Brandon Johns/DJ Wilson PF that could be a small ball 5. Although with less defensive upside. Also I wouldn’t say we unlocked DJ when we had him as small ball 5, he still played way more 4. We just found that to be a good option for us if Mo was struggling. If Franz ends up filling out like Mo, then yeah he’s a 5.

I went back and watched some of Mo’s vids and then watched Franz. All of Mo’s defensive highlights were at the rim. Franz looks much quicker side to side and was somewhat capably guarding professional wings on the perimeter and didn’t look out of place.


DJ was a 4 all year unless Moe went to the bench.


Johns definitely is taller than 6’7 I know him and his dad personally. Every bit 6’8 and close to 6’9


Smotrycz played the 4 I believe