2019 - SG - Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky Commit)


We are window dressing, too bad, he could come in and really push for minutes and develop


He’d more than push for minutes. He’d start at the SG slot. His numbers the last two weekends in the EYBL and high school have backed that up. He’d be the dream pickup for me.


Tough call. He’s certainly talented, but so is Poole and he has a year in the system.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter because he would play a ton.

That said, seems like an extreme longshot.


If he’s here next year Id have to think a Maxey, Poole, Matthews, Iggy/Livers/Johns, Teske lineup would see lots of run.


Poole is a great talent but he isn’t a one and done type like Maxey. With that being said, im extremely excited to see Poole with even more minutes. He’s a fan favorite and has serious talent. He’s a maverick type but he’s electric


Are we recruiting Maxey even if he reclassifies to 2018? And if so, does that actually put us in a better position to land him?


In a article Done this past weekend on him, it was apparently revealed that his top 5 schools for 2018 and 19 all gave him the option for this year or next year. Michigan is in that group. But kentucky is the heavy favorite for both classes.


247 list him as a PG.


The only thing timing-wise I could see hurting us would be if he remains in 2019 and Jordan Poole becomes ALL BIG-TEN JORDAN POOLE next year but still decides to return the year after.

If Maxey goes 18, we could make plenty of minutes available at the 1/2. Likewise, if he stayed in 19 and JP gets good enough to go pro…that’s quite a sales pitch in terms of role/available minutes compared to what Kentucky could offer.


Whether he is 2018 or 2019, he’ll probably be signing before Poole plays another game (i.e. this summer or in November). So I don’t think that scenario is really relevant.

Maxey is good enough to play a lot at Michigan right now and there are obviously minutes available with MAAR’s graduation. He would be the most dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands on the roster. However, I don’t really think it is worth debating because almost all signs point to him ending up in Lexington.


Sure, but Poole has a year in the system and, thus, a much greater understanding of the offense than any incoming freshman would, and presumably he’ll spend this summer with Jon Sanderson. I’ll make you a friendly wager than Poole averages more points a game this coming year than Maxey (assuming he reclassifies and starts college).


I’m actually with you. If maxey did reclassify and choose us ( would be very happy) I’d still wager Poole would hold him off for the starting gig. Poole is essentially two classes ahead of him if he reclassify s and has a year in coach bs system and college ball under his belt. That can’t be underestimated.

In this era of one and dones it’s easy to buy the hype but if you look it’s mostly still college vets that run the show and that are the best players. Freshman and one n dones consistently lose out to soph , juniors and seniors. Especially with teams of them. The duke team from 3 years ago was the exception not the rule when they won. They also had a couple Key vets especially one in the back court ( I think cook was still there right? Playing a large rolejeffetson amd jones too ).

That’s why I don’t see duke winning even with the best class ever. The top 3 kids plus number 8 and I bet they don’t get past the sweet 16. No key vets particularly ball handlers to lead. Delaurier, o Connell and boldin aren’t enough leadership. That’s why adding say cremo would be HUGE for them. A crafty intelligent senior shooter who can create and lead.

If duke wins again and scores another One for the 1 and dones its only going to be because rj Barrett is just that good and that special of a 1 and done. Obv Zion, cam and jones will help but it’s gonna be because rj is just wise and great beyond his years.

My money would still be on a combo team with some good upper class men. If battle comes back I’m calling cuse as a title sleeper. That team who’ll be very good this year with him. The bazley loss hurts a lot but… they still would have everyone back who matters and that zone and boheim just always outplay their expectations come march.

Few might have a shot again in Spokane. But I think few is sn overrated in game/ tactical coach. Amazing what he’s built there but they’ve had way too many great teams to only have one final 4. Still rui,Killian, Clarke up front is impressive then norvell and Perkins is scary good. Possibly getting b. Williams would seal their fate as a top 5 for me. Oh well just went totally off topic …again… point is vets> one n done


If Matthews declares, does that help our chances here if Maxey reclassifies? Or that has no barring on his decision?

I know most believe he is UK bound, but we could offer a much better playing situation if Charles leaves I would imagine.


Commitment coming next week…


Is there any chance whatsoever that he doesn’t pick Kentucky?


A) I didn’t realize that we actually in his top 5 and that he was this far in the process. Kudos to us for at least that

B) I actually think there is an outside chance this kid is on our campus next year. Reclassifying and coming to Michigan makes about as much sense as it would for UK. Still a long shot though


I just don’t see it happening. I don’t have any inside info but he seems like a lock to go to UK.


It would suck if he picks not-Michigan, then Matthews leaves, and Maxey would have come here if he had known Matthews’ minutes and usage were available.

Maybe choosing now is an indication that it’s not Michigan regardless, though I imagine if he’s reclassifying that there’s a lot to do and it would be hard to wait out Matthews’ decision.

That said, everyone (except @CoryR) thinks this is Kentucky.


I just put in a Crystal Ball for Michigan.


Yeah. If he was going anywhere other than Kentucky, there’d be some buzz.