2019 - SG - Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky Commit)


He gave us the middle spot on his “final 5 schools” poster so that’s clearly a good sign


Can anyone explain to me besides the obvious bag dropping reasons why this is such a Kentucky guarantee? Isn’t Quickley + Green + Hagans + Herro an incredibly awkward place for an incoming fringe one and done point guard/shooting guard to go?


One would think, but have you heard Calipari talk? The guy is smooth. I really think he could sell ice to Eskimos. Listening to him, he sometimes makes a believer out of me and I can’t stand the guy.


What are your credentials


High flying crystalographer and hype man extraordinaire


He made a name for himself a few years ago by successfully projecting Jaylen Brown to UM. He is well connected in the five star community.


I know he correctly projected Bamba to UM (or his friend rather), but don’t recall anything related to Jaylen Brown.


the fact that he is committing so fast/soon gives me little to no hope. had his recruitment went on a bit longer (which is tough since hes reclassifying) then I thought we’d have a shot. Its just odd he wanted us involved and then decided so quickly.


It’s going to be awesome when I finally get one right.


You bet it is Cory, and I’m cheering for you! :grinning:


Window dressing.


Maxey’s announcing his commitment tonight. I’ll be surprised if it’s not Kentucky.


…as expected


Tyrese Maxey to Kentucky as expected. Staying in 2019 though.