2019 - SG - Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky Commit)


Doesn’t @CoryR need to be on a plane for good things to happen?


We’re a basketball school now. We don’t need that kind of luck anymore!


So most crystal balls are trending UK here but there’s talk of Maxey reclassifying. Could that be an option with the open scholly?


From what I’ve heard, I would be very surprised if Tyrese Maxey isn’t on Kentucky’s roster next year.


Call me crazy but am I the only one who thinks he’s a bit overrated?


Would they take two PGs in the same class?


Something has to give with Kentucky as well. They have Quade Green (currently there), to go along with Emmanual Quickley (signee), Ashton Hagans (signee), and now potentially Maxey. Calipari has always had really good guards that consistently produced until this year.


Yeah I am really confused why maxey would want to go to uk with green now officially returning. I think this one could take a turn. Also the fact that um had several coaches at maxey games makes me think they feel a turn could happen because of uks backcourt situation. Beilein doesn’t waste time recruiting kids he thinks he has no shot at.


So if he’s looking to reclassify to 2018 these are his major options?

Kentucky: 1 returning starter but the backcourt is LOADED…Quade Green, Immanuel Quickley, Ashton Hagans, Tyler Herro

MSU: 2 returning starters and a senior with significant playing experience…Cassius Winston, Foster Loyer, Josh Langford, Matt McQuaid + Izzo’s general reluctance to play talented freshmen over returning upperclassmen

Michigan: 1 returning starter and a projected sophomore breakout star…Zavier Simpson, David DeJulius, Eli Brooks, Jordan Poole, Adrien Nunez + John Beilein’s offensive genius

Texas: 2 returning starters and a transfer that averaged 15 PPG… Matt Coleman, Elijah Long, Kerwin Roach + Shaka Smart’s general incompetence offensively

I really hope we have a real shot here


How good is Maxeys aau team? Ridiculous. Maxey, timme, Williamson is filthy


Yeah. To add to @goblue8’s post… Michigan has been involved with Timme and Williamson as well so not just tracking Maxey.


I knew about Williamson ( who I’m warming up to more and more) from here and Mattd’s site.

I’m glad to hear we’re eyeing timme. It’s funny when I was watching their aau highlights I was thinking to myself " I wonder why we haven’t offered this kid/ reached out to him, he appears to be a perfect beilein 4."

I actually prefer timmes game over Samuelson slightly. He’s a prototypical stretch 4 beilein white boy. He’s also a solid athlete for a white guy. Great skill level and fantastic footwork.

I’d put him right on par with Wilson imo from what I’ve seen. I said it before but Dallas/ Fort Worth appears to have some very high level basketball. Houston too. Their aau team is the best one I’ve seen so far. I was very fond of the Houston defenders last year on the aau circuit too, speaking of good Texas aau programs. The kid northwestern picked up ( his name escApes me, was one of my favorite re riots we were on last year. Collins got a steal there, I prefer him to nance.) I also loved Byrd their pg who went to vcu.

The Texas teams seems to be very athletic and have very athletic / skilled stretch 4s. They play a fast paced push the tempo type game it seems often. Very find and pretty to watch .


It’s it just me or does it seem that good players seem to bunch in classes geographically. It also seems like beilein recruits in bunches. Two years ago he was recruiting heavy in Ohio, particularly Columbus. ( 3 signees) last year he was all over Michigan kids ( got 2) and this year he’s heavy after the Texas kids , particularly Dallas/ Fort Worth.

Every year it seems like a certain area has a really strong class. Do you think there’s a trend? I mean historically areas/ cities/ certain high school programs are consistently hot beds but it seems certain years there is an absurd number of great players in a small area. Is it because they are all matching up and pushing eachother from a young age and they grow up showing promise and working hard with and against eachother so they develop more?

Like where I’m from in Rochester was pretty dead for years than suddenly 2017 comes around and for this little window the city produced 4 big time recruits in 2 years. 10 if we go back two more years. Maybe someone breaks out ( in this case Thomas Bryant) then coaches from all over flock to an area they normally don’t see and start spotting sleepers that get coverage they don’t normally have? Do kids see someone like that succeed so all of a sudden they realize it’s possible and work harder to earn the spotlight?

It’s intersting. I heard Jim hart who runs city rocks say this on a video last year. He talked about how the upstate talent base he recruits from goes in waves. It started with the capital region, than cuse shined, than it was Buffalo, then hecsaid the last couple years Rochester was running it and pumping out the most and that he thinks it will cycle again.


I’d say Belein is recruiting Michigan still pretty hard for 2019. Watts and Weems and the recent increase of interest in Beverly now. But yes, it is pretty intriguing how he recruits areas in bunches. Outside of Michigan, I feel like it is more coincidental than flat out intentional


Yea Michigan wasn’t a good example . Obviously he’s always gonna be after Michigan kids.


As a Houston resident and high school coach… feel free to keep talking up Texas ball :wink: We do have some excellent ball players here. Perhaps more so in Dallas, but TX AAU is stout.



And we’ve had some success recruiting there in the past - King, Jackson, Baston, and Daniel Horton. I’d really like to land Wilson. He seems like a great fit for us.


I just watched south Grand Prairie play vs someone and that Grand Prairie team was very impressive. I guess they blew a huge lead to guyer and jalen Wilson in the sectional playoffs.

Bryce Thomas was very impressive at point. Tulsa got a steal there . He’s only 5-7 but that shot and handle is ridiculous and he’s so quick and bouncy. I was impressed at how good thev all shot and took it to the rack. They’d be a top team in Rochester.


Some quotes from Maxey this weekend and fresh video.


Is he considered one and done?