2019 Recruiting Notes

Solid kid but idk. Id prefer someone else.

Any non-Beverly, Quinones, Wagner 2019 recruits people should have their eye on? Is Michigan still kicking tires on Skogman?

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Sign this guy!

According to some people, that’s who we had at the 2-4 spots this year.


The guy made as many 3’s as our top 8 players against TT.


he can try out for :grin: football

Don’t have a VIP account, but just something interesting for some discussion perhaps. Wisconsin extended a walk-on opportunity for Skogman.

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Perhaps? Know nothing about him but believe he was Mr Basketball Ohio.

Ive never been really high on him and I’ve watched him 4 or 5 times. I’m not sold on his game and personally think he’s overrated.

Still better than no one, right? Or lots of minutes to Brooks?

Lots of minutes to Brooks. I’d rather see Michigan bin a scholarship than see them offer a 2019 project. The 2020 class could be a great haul for them. Maybe a senior Brooks with lots of experience can play a big piece on that team.


Michigan did reach out to boogie ellis


And Terry Armstrong looks to be moving.


But right now we’re projected two open scholarships ( assuming Iggy stays in draft). You can’t be comfortable with only 11 guys on the roster. Or are you assuming Franz is coming?

DOT, why would he be allowed to cancel his signed commitment to Arizona?

Have you heard who he might be interested in?

Oh yes, should’ve clarified. That post (and my thought) is operating on the assumption that Franz is coming.


Just saw this

Do you think he’d be interested in UM?

no intel, neither ellis or armstrong feel like guys we typically would land.

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Don’t know. Teams though are releasing guys in the regular.

Can’t see UM getting involved.